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BY admin May 22, 2020


EVERY Woman Wants a Man to Do THIS!

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The inspiration of this video is a fight Alpha has with his wife. She asked why they always have to listen to his music in the car … and he said because his music doesn’t ‘suck’. In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM AaronMarino Pete & Pedro Tiege Hanley ENEMY says this is one of those times you want to be able to take the words and stuff them back into your mouth.

Women are beautiful, seductive, and mysterious — but also crazy. Alpha adds that you can’t apply ‘guy logic’ to the female brain is an exercise in futility because women can be a bit loco. So don’t make the same mistake Alpha did. Instead, follow these tips! Keep that romance going and flame burning!

Alpha feels women are justified wanting men to do these

1. Be proud you are with them — treat her like a queen, demonstrate your love for her, and be a gentleman

2. Introduce her to your friends  (aka anybody you’re talking to) — create a code for her to know to step-in and introduce herself in the event you don’t remember the person’s name in order to introduce her.

3. Know what to do in the bedroom — ask her what her favorite is and how she likes certain things performed. Flirt and build sexual tension this way.

4. Listen to her music — compromise about when you listen to each other’s music (every other time in the car, for example). For Alpha, he doesn’t like country music, so he pops in his Raycon E25 earbuds when her music comes on. Sexy, stylish, compact, discreet, these earbuds are noise cancelling, have insane sound quality, and get 6-hours of play with one charge. Super affordable with seamless bluetooth pairing, Alpha wears them walking, running, working, and talking on the phone.

5. Smell good and don’t be a filthy animal — regularly change your sheets, light scented candles, clean your bathroom

6. Be chivalrous — always open the door for her (run ahead!)

7. Continuously tell her that she’s pretty — don’t get comfortable! Tell her over and over and over…

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