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BY admin February 21, 2020


8 Casual Style Mistakes You’re Making EVERYDAY!

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In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM AaronMarino Pete & Pedro Tiege Hanley ENEMY is going over common casual style mistakes that most men make daily.

Are you guilty of any of these style errors?

  1. Not inspecting your denim effectively after wearing them — you know you shouldn’t wash your jeans after every day, but you need to inspect the front and back as well as the sniff test
  2. Wearing shirts that are too short — it’s too short if when lifting your shoulders, you see skin. Stop the crop by buying higher quality shirts. Also look for pre-shrunk tees. Last, don’t put your shirts into the dryer.
  3. Removing the string from your hoodie — if you pull it out by accident, use a straw. Jam the hoodie string it and thread it through. If you lose the string,  you can use a shoe lace. You can also find hoodies that don’t have strings. Alpha loves his stringless hoodie from Public Rec. It’s super stretchy and crazy comfortable. There’s even a secret pocket! It’s perfection, coming in a bunch of different colors. Their ADED pants & Henleys are must haves for every man too. Public Rec discount code AlphaMFeb20.
  4. Wearing big, baggy sweatpants when running around town — Public Rec’s ADED are a must when you want to be comfortable without looking like you’re wearing sweats. These pants are comfortable, stretchy, and fit well. They are a bit dressier, and they come in waist + inseam sizes. Check out the super sexy colors. Public Rec discount code AlphaMFeb20.
  5. Inappropriate pairing — the blue denim jacket can be paired with blue and black jeans. You can also pair with chinos and camo pants.
  6. Not wearing underwear under gym shorts — don’t free-ball at the gym! Don’t let your wiener start flopping!
  7. Tearing tags — you can totally pull the seam. Use a razor or scissor instead of pulling.
  8. Not hanging shirts properly — shoulder nipples will happen. Instead, fold in half & match the sleeves to get the wrinkles out. Grab the hanger and lay over the hanger.
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