12 EXPENSIVE Things I DON’T Regret Buying

January 30, 2024
Some expensive things, like Louis Vuitton bags or Range Rovers, are not worth the money. On the flip side, some expensive things are worth the money. I want to review some expensive items I have purchased that I don’t regret.

But first, what is expensive depends on you and is subjective. So what I think is expensive may differ from what you feel is costly. And what I believe is affordable, you might consider crazy ridiculous. So it depends on what you like, enjoy, and are willing to spend money on. The items I will cover are pricey but worth it.

Pricey but worth it to me!

  1. Rolex watches. My two gold Rolex watches are one of my most significant investments. These are accessories that I wear, but I also absolutely love them. Every time I look down on my wrist, I love them even more. A watch is an investment that can be sentimental. However, I don’t get attached to things, so if I ever got into financial trouble, I’d be fine selling these.
  2. Artwork. I spent a lot of money on this moose art piece; it just makes sense and feels good. I love being home more than anywhere, so I will spend some money to make my home more enjoyable.
  3. Custom jewelry. Custom jewelry is 100% worth the cost to me. My cufflinks and ring are items that I look at, love, and wear every day. If it costs a little more but you’re going to wear it a lot and enjoy it, it’s worth it. It will last longer, too.
  4. Boutique clothing. Although clothing from boutique-type companies is more expensive, it is of next-level high quality.
  5. Gucci loafers. They’re comfortable, sexy, and versatile. The construction is impressive, and they’ll last forever. You can dress them up or wear them with jeans.
  6. Designer fragrances. I used to think this was worth it because of the confidence boost and compliments. But a $500 bottle of Creed Aventus can be replaced with a $50 bottle of Pete & Pedro REBEL.
  7. Tumi bag. My wife got this for me as a Christmas present. It’s a fantastic leather bag that is soft and supple.
  8. Real estate. Salon Posta is one of the best things I’ve ever done and one of my best purchases. I love fixing up an old building and turning it into something beautiful.
  9. Forklift. I’m super proud of my forklift, Big Joe. It’s functional for my business, Pete & Pedro, and made me feel like I ‘made it.’
  10. Office. It was the first real estate investment that I had ever made. I saved for it because I wanted to move Pete & Pedro out of my spare bedroom. So I got this office about 7 years ago, and it’s appreciated in value. I appreciate it because it inspires me daily at my desk.
  11. Tailored suits. Having a tailored suit made for you is worth the money. Standard off-the-rack suits will not give you the same confidence when you slip them on. A tailored suit makes you look amazing, feel incredible, and have confidence.
  12. Leather jackets. All Saints makes a premium product that I love. I have about 27 leather bomber jackets and leather jackets.

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