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BY admin December 14, 2020


10 Facial Hair Rules ALL MEN SHOULD FOLLOW!

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Facial hair is the guy’s equivalent to makeup. You can take an ‘okay’ dude and give him a beard– and boom– he looks like a sex-machine. In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness, and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM AaronMarino Pete & Pedro Tiege Hanley ENEMY says not all facial hair is created equal. The majority of us weren’t born with Greek bone structure, but you can appear better looking than you are by utilizing facial hair. 

Utilize facial hair to look like a sex-machine!

  1. Never compare your facial hair to other dudes — the truth is no two follicle formations are the same. Grow it for one month uninterrupted to evaluate yours.
  2. Grow your facial hair for one month — be honest with what you have. If you’re thin in an area, grab your Brio and take the length down. Shorter looks thicker.
  3. Mustaches alone don’t look amazing on most dudes — it’s all about balance, and mustaches lack balance. You need supporting hair to balance mustaches, such as on your chin or below your lip to draw the eye down. 
  4. Thin and carved looks weird — natural growth looks much better than detailed.
  5. Know your grooming tool — Alpha’s Brio is the best he’s ever used. You can use the micro-adjustments for details — you can get the perfect length, which is ideal for the 10-day stubble that Alpha loves. When you start trimming your beard, start long and then go shorter by dropping 1 or 2. And the new Zero Blade will take you bald.
  6. Beards NEED mustaches — it looks super weird without a ‘stache.
  7. Be responsible with the ‘stache — trim it so it doesn’t come over to your mouth. You’ll need a pair of scissors and a tiny comb to do the job.
  8. “Bushy anythings” other than beards look weird — bushy mustaches, sideburns, chin hair are a no. But you need to keep your beard trimmed, neat & clean.
  9. Make sure your facial hair is hydrated and well-conditioned — invest in a beard oil. If you don’t condition the hair and the skin, you can develop flakes. Balms are a little thicker and better because they also help train your hair and add a bit of shine.
  10. Embrace the hair that you have — don’t worry about other dudes! Facial hair envy is a thing, but Alpha doesn’t want it to be for you. We are all created differently. Also, understand that as we age, facial hair fills out. Alpha was patchy until he was 38 years old! He now digs his gray, but if you don’t dig it, you can use a beard dye that you brush in.
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