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BY admin March 24, 2021


Look More Attractive Based on YOUR Face Shape | Facial Hair & Hair Style Selection Tips

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In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness, and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM AaronMarino Pete & Pedro Tiege Hanley ENEMY is helping you to identify your face shape and what hairstyle is best for it. Depending on your face shape, a specific style will look better on you and make your face more aesthetic, balanced, and sexier. 

What is your face shape?

  • Take a selfie.
  • Draw each (round, square, triangle, oval) over the top of your face.
  • Which most closely represents you?

Which hair style and facial hair are best?

ROUND: this face shape has a lack of angles. You need a more structured hairstyle. Do not wear soft hairstyles. Shoot for tight on the sides and soft on the top. Never grow a big, bushy beard — it’s all about contrast, so you need shorter on the sides and taper. Let your chin hair be longer than the sides. Shave your sideburns to the angle too.

SQUARE: this face shape has a blocky jaw and angular on the sides. You want to avoid structured and angular hairstyles — you need to soften the angles. Fringy styles and longer on the sides are the best. For facial hair, you may want to soften the line for the 5 o’clock shadow. Instead of a harsh angle or edge, go more natural. You will look better with a little neck beard/stubble. Avoid anything that is too boxy.

TRIANGLE/DIAMOND/HEART: this face shape has a pointy chin. Most hairstyles look good on this face shape because they are a blend and balance between softness and angularity. Avoid boxy hair cuts, however. Because of the narrow chin, facial hair will balance your face. You want to go natural and softer. Don’t do goatees or soul patches.

OVAL: this is the best shape. You can rock any hairstyle or facial hair you want. You need to be honest with your selections by making sure your hair is up for the challenge. Google your hair texture and type—the more detailed, the more valuable the choices. With your facial hair, be honest with it (if it’s patchy, for example).


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