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Shopping for Aaron Marino’s First Tuxedo | VLOG Part One
In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro is presenting part 2 of the tuxedo buying experience. He is heading back to Hugo Boss, because he got a call that his jacket adjustments are ready.

Alpha is not a big fan of Hugo Boss, but his friend who is getting married is a big fan. He thinks the quality is ‘poor’ in terms of the price, and he’s had better fit and experiences with Suit Supply. He is getting the tux from a Hugo Boss store which is a different product (higher end) the Hugo Boss in department stores. Alpha notes that Hugo Boss has been a great experience with service.

Hugo Boss added touch pads in the shoulders; however, Alpha says it doesn’t look like they did anything. The tux is not 100% with one side needing to be built up and the other needing firming. He likes the silhouette and fits a lot better than last time. They are doing it in layers. They’re not moving forward, yet, with the tailoring.

Next are the pants and shoes. The waist is pretty good (keep in mind, no belt is worn with a tux), and they mark for a 1/2 a break. The pants are comfortable. The jacket sleeve is going up for more cuff on one side, and then the other is measured.

The tuxedo is coming together. It takes ‘sculpturing’. Alpha says the tux has a strong presence with the peak lapel. The structure of the jacket is masculine, making Alpha looking broader with a v-taper. Natural shoulders make you look narrow. The tailoring will be done in 5 days or less, so stay tuned!