9 Food Hacks to Get LEAN & Get Your Abs to Show QUICK!

April 15, 2022
How are your abs? Seriously, on a scale of one to sexy, how sexy are they? If the answer is ‘not so much’, that’s great news because I’m going to go over a few of my favorite food hacks to get your abs to show better. Keep in mind the stricter and tighter you can be with your diet, the better off you’re going to be and the faster you’re going to see those abs to shred.

Before I go further into this video, I need to cover a few truths. You cannot spot reduce fat. It’s going to come off where it wants to come off. Next is that we have to prior plan. You cannot wing a healthy diet. Last, the truth is you have to exercise. I am a firm believer doing cardio is important not only for your body fat but also your heart and lungs.

Get those abs super sexy!

  1. Stop drinking alcohol (or reduce) – not consuming alcohol on a regular basis or even a few times a week will make a dramatic difference on how your abs look. Opt for club soda or seltzer with lime when you go out.
  2. Cut out or reduce dairy – when I eliminate dairy from my diet, I almost instantly see a difference in my body fat or the way that I look with my shirt out. Opt for almond milk. It has become one of my favorite diet hacks.
  3. Cut out pasta – When you cut out pasta, you will reduce the subcutaneous water that makes you look softer.
  4. Add lemon to your water – not only do you need to drink enough water but add lemon to that water. It acts as a natural diuretic to flush excessive water and make you look leaner. Diet sodas are bad although they have zero calories. Opt for seltzer or sparkling water.
  5. Batch cook – one day a week, cook batches of food such as chicken, salmon, beef, and more. You can also batch carbohydrates like barley, quinoa, or wheat berries. When you’re finished cooking, portion and package meals individually in containers or baggies. This way, you can grab-and-go to have something healthy if you don’t have the opportunity or time to cook.
  6. Use Factor – these pre-made meals are never frozen and delivered right to your doorstep. I have been obsessed with these delicious and healthy meals that don’t involve any prep work. Plans range from calories smart to keto to vegan and more. Use code ALPHAM120 to get $120 off.
  7. Shop around the perimeter – the perimeter of the grocery store is where the freshest food is. Inside the aisles is where all the crap is.
  8. Add flavor – season & spice and use condiments to give a little pizzazz and life to your otherwise bland healthy foods.
  9. Don’t have it in your house – this hack has helped me the most as I don’t have amazing will power. If you don’t have it in your house, you’re not going to eat it.

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