17 FREE Things You Can do to Look MORE Attractive

March 9, 2023
The biggest misconception that guys have is they must spend a lot of money to look good and be attractive. The truth is that many of the best actions you can take are free. I want to review them– so listen up if you’re ready to look better for free.

Steps to being SEXIER that cost nothing!

  1. Drink 1 gallon of lemon water a day. This action will help you retain less subcutaneous water, which means your abs will look better, and your face will be more defined, chiseled, and clear. When you increase your water consumption, breakouts and blemishes go away.
  2. Fix your posture. Whether sitting, standing, or walking, you’ll be more attractive, appear taller, and look more confident with good posture. Stand with your chest up, your shoulders back, and your head elevated. This will help you not have a double chin and enable you to look into other people’s eyes.
  3. Make eye contact. You’ll be perceived as more interesting and attractive when you make eye contact. Combine that with a smile, and you will automatically be more attractive.
  4. Smile. When people smile, it’s an instant and automatic perception of being more welcoming and inviting. People will perceive you as friendlier and more open to communicating, which is definitely more attractive.
  5. Give compliments. Giving compliments is perceived as wildly attractive because it’s impossible not to like somebody giving compliments. You can compliment cars, shoes, watches, hair, and more, instantly boosting your attraction.
  6. Stop losing hair. You can stop losing your hair! If you’ve already lost it or you’re starting to thin, take action. Bosley is the only company I recommend and trust for your hair loss. They have been helping men regain their confidence for over 45 years. Hair loss is treatable and preventable, but you must act. Grab the free Bosley info kit + $250 gift card.
  7. Grow a beard. You can look more attractive in 10 days by growing facial hair. Facial hair is a great equalizer and equivalent to women’s makeup for men. Facial hair will help strengthen a weak jaw, add more definition & structure to your face, and makes you look sexy.
  8. Open three buttons. Open up three buttons and show a little more man cleavage.
  9. Expose forearms. The forearm is the number one most attractive body part according to women. Rolling up your sleeves will make them look bigger, thicker, and more vascular if the roll is restrictive.
  10. Expose triceps – when wearing a short sleeve shirt, expose a little of the tricep. Roll up your tee shirt sleeve to make your arms look bigger and more muscular. Go one or two rolls.
  11. Workout. You don’t need a gym membership or fancy equipment. You just need to move your ass. Some of the best workouts I’ve seen are calisthenic workouts, whether push-ups or pull-ups. Isometric curls and squeezes also work. Stop making excuses. Take care of your body.
  12. Lose weight. When you lose weight, your attraction level increases because your clothes fit better, you look better naked, your man boobs will be reduced, your love handles will be minimized, and your face will be more chiseled.
  13. Unbury your face. One of the things that makes both guys and girls look unattractive is when they have their faces buried in their phones. Instead, walk like a badass with a confident stride. Ensure your head is up, your shoulders are back, and you’re making eye contact. Nonverbal communication is one of the things that makes you attractive, and it’s totally free.
  14. Positive body language. If you have bad body language, it’ll make you look negative, weak, and automatically less attractive. Instead, stand with charisma and confidence. Look people in the eye and ensure your posture is not closed up and shrinking. You’ll get more interest from other people because you look confident.
  15. Verbal communication. Don’t use filler words such as ‘um,’ ‘like,’ and ‘uh.’ This is not sexy. If you curse a lot, that’s also not sexy. If you never have an opinion, that’s not sexy, either. Be somebody who speaks up.
  16. Wear the color red. Attraction through the roof! The color red has a lot of research behind it and psychological experimentation. Results show that men who wear red are viewed as more attractive, sexy, and ready for action.
  17. Look better in pictures. Smile like the models. Instead of a big and cheesy smile, jam your tongue against the back of your teeth. This will allow your facial and muscles to relax. Also, slightly angle your hips and shoulders to the camera instead of squaring them. Make sure your chest and chin are up with your shoulders back, and you’re smiling with the tongue jam. When taking a selfie, elevate to make your face look brighter, fresher, and more angular.

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