8 GENIUS Hacks to Smell BETTER Than Other Guys!

August 19, 2022
Some guys smell horrible while other guys smell not great but okay. Those who watch today’s video and implement the tips I am dropping will smell amazing!

Rules for smelling better than 99.9% of other dudes

  1. Wearing a mild deodorant will allow your signature scent to project better and not mix. Most deodorants are super pungent and overpowering. When you combine a lot of fragrances like body wash and deodorant, your scent is confused. Pro tip: trimming your pits will reduce the amount of sweat.
  2. Taking the bulk of your man bush will stop odor from being trapped. The amount of sweat will be reduced, eliminating stink. To eliminate stink 100%, use a non-talc-based power daily such as Pete & Pedro Body and Ball Powder. Also, powder your butt crack so you don’t have swamp ass that stinks and makes you look horrible.
  3. Stop your stinky feet by powdering, exfoliating, and adding powder to your shoes. Use powder on your feet to eliminate the stink. To further solve the stinky feet problem, exfoliate at the end of your shower with your calluses will come off easily because they’re soft. Make sure to get in between your toes and on the bottoms. Throw some powder in your shoes to absorb moisture.
  4. Applying your deodorant at night before you go to bed is optimal because you have seven to eight hours where your body is sweating and producing odor. You can add a little extra in the morning if you want to. When switching from an antiperspirant deodorant to a natural deodorant like Pete & Pedro’s Super Fresh Deodorant, give your sweat ducts time to unclog. The toxins have built up from the aluminum and need about a week or two to adjust.
  5. Having a few signature scents is better than having one signature scent. Rotate your signature scent weekly. This way, you keep people guessing because they get used to your fragrance over time. Make your fragrance last longer by moisturizing your body after a shower. If your skin’s dry, the fragrance will soak into your body. But if your skin is moisturized, the fragrance will lay on top allowing pulse points to project the scent. Dab a bit of Vaseline on your pulse points.
  6. Stop using your wrist to apply fragrance. Instead, apply your cologne to your chest and neck and behind your ears. Check out my demonstration. You need to have your scent where people can smell it, which is up by your head instead of your wrists. Also, stop using stinky body sprays, which are overpowering and nasty.
  7. Keep your mouth fresh and not smelling like you ate a shit burger. Go to the dentist every 6 months for a cleaning, even if you’re brushing and flossing regularly. Also, use a tongue scraper.
  8. Your car and bedroom need to smell good too. Make sure both are clean. You can use air fresheners but not ones that are overpowering and offensive.

Featured video

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The trick is to emulsify it before applying, which is valid for any product you use. Don’t just dig it out. Emulsify it by rubbing your hands together, activating it, and then distributing it from the roots. Work it through your hair to get the best bang for your styling buck. Putty, for me, is a must!

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