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Tailor Store
If  you get your feelings hurt easily, this video is not for  you. In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM AaronMarino Pete & Pedro Tiege Hanley ENEMY says if you can handle the truth he’s giving it to you.

Forget the Fugly FAST!

  1. Shawl collar sweaters — when you try to dress them up, they’re ugly. But you can dress them amazing as Alpha demonstrates. If you want a dressier outfit, you need a different cardigan.
  2. Flaring pockets — it’s annoying and unattractive. It happens when you’re too small because of your ass or sausage. To fix this, size up. You can also go slim if you’ve gone skinny; you can go straight if you’ve gone slim. You can also let your seat out — let out the seat to give more room.
  3. Light-wash jeans with black — too much contrast. Light denim needs lighter shoes and reserved for spring and winter. Black looks better with darker wash (black, gray, or blue).
  4. Baggy button-up shirts — Alpha’s wearing a slim fit small from J Crew — the body has a lot of room and big & baggy sleeves. You need to go custom! Live is too short to wear baggy off-the-rack shirts. Check out Tailor Store — Alpha’s shirt was built for him. Nobody can touch Tailor Store in terms of price, quality, and consistency. When you nail your fit, all the shirts will fit you exactly the same. The fabric is wrinkle-resistant — wash + hang dry — and they feel super soft.  Alpha did button down collars to wear without a tie, and he added his monogram on the cuff. Use the Size:Me app to nail the fit. The app is a free download, and the link + code give you a discount whether  you’re a first time customer or previous customer.
  5. Gaudy cuff-links — they aren’t classy. Simple knot is a great way to go — or even custom like Alpha’s.
  6. Backward baseball hat — wear the baseball hat properly. And don’t tuck your ears!
  7. Dad sneakers — they’re BAD
  8. Skinny ties — ties are getting fatter again! 3-3.5 inches are where they’re at. Match your lapel with your tie width.