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Do you want to express your individuality through your facial hair? Facial hair can enhance and change a man’s appearance. By creatively growing and grooming facial hair, you can totally change the look and dimension of your face. You can take away some perceived negatives as well by creating structure and balance.

One factor trumps all others when determining what facial hair works best for you. You need to maintain gainful employment in order to live. The majority of you aren’t going to base your career decisions on acceptable facial hair as well as the majority of us aren’t trust fund babies. For the vast majority of us, we need to make sure our facial hair that we choose is acceptable for our career path.

The chart below details popular facial hair styles versus career paths. Use these loosely. The chart will give you the green or red light on follicle formations and appropriateness based on career. It’s a good idea to take a look to see if your career and facial hair are in synch. Check it out: