Wider shoulder end hangers are key to hanging your sport coat and suit jackets. Aaron Marino of alpha m. takes a few minutes to instruct how to take care of and store your sport and suit jackets.

You don’t want shoulder nipples in your sweaters– and sport and suit jackets have a bit more structure than a sweater but can result in the same exact thing. Hang on a hanger with a wider shoulder end which are designed to store sport coats. You can buy these specialty hangers in WalMart and any department stores. They are wood and expensive- a single hanger can run up to $60. That is crazy!

Here’s a secret. Go into your men’s specialty store (Men’s Warehouse, K&G, etc). Tell them that you just bought a suit from them and the hanger broke. Ask if you could have a replacement. The hanger will be plastic but it works just the same as the wood.