10 HARSH TRUTHS Every Man Must Accept to Be Happy!

May 23, 2022
You don’t deserve shit, but you can work for it and decide that you will be successful and happy. If you think that somebody will hand you a participation trophy for life, it’s not going to work. You have to roll up your sleeves and bust your ass. Here are some hard truths on the road to success.

Life’s bitter realities

  1. Life is not fair – life is not equal for everybody. So many weak men think that life is supposed to be fair because they have been lied to by their parents, society, and friends. They have been told that they’re special and that they will be rewarded for being average.
  2. The world does not revolve around you – don’t internalize and get bent out of shape over something that happens to you.
  3. Only you can control yourself, thoughts, and actions – until you’re able to control your thoughts, you will never be able to control the outcome. You will always be overthinking or making decisions focused on yourself. You can only rely on yourself. Further, you are the only person you have to blame if you’re not happy, successful, and fulfilled. You’re the only person that you need to congratulate and pat on the back for your feelings of security and happiness. Do not rely on others to make you feel good about yourself.
  4. Your health is your responsibility – whether emotionally, mentally, or physically, your health is your number one most valuable asset.
  5. You can’t outrun your past or demons – ultimately, you need to deal with your issues so you can be happy and stable. Therapy has been an essential tool for me to deal with my past issues. If you have something in your life making you feel bad or preventing you from freeing yourself, reach out to Better Help. You deserve to be happy! Click the link and get 10% OFF your 1st month.
  6. Relationships take a ton of work – I have a great relationship with my wife, which we’ve been together for 20 years. We’ve had our struggles, but we’ve put in much work. We are stronger and better because we have been willing to do the work required to maintain a happy and healthy relationship.
  7. The harder you work, the ‘luckier’ you’ll get – luck doesn’t exist. People are fortunate rather than lucky. Further, you are not ‘blessed’ – you are fortunate. A supreme being is not picking winners and losers.
  8. Not everyone’s going to like you – you’ll not have everyone love you and think you’re amazing. Don’t try to be a people-pleaser because they are not taken seriously or respected.
  9. Success doesn’t always look like what you envisioned – I used to think success was running a chain of nutrition stores or fitness centers. I would never have believed that I would be talking to a camera in front of a brick wall. When life punches you in the face, you can either stay down or pick yourself back up. Choose to thrive in the face of adversity. Everyone has issues in life, and it’s not fair or easy. Life is hard, and you have to embrace it.
  10. You will fail –  failing sucks but what you do afterward is your choice. Will you stay down? Or are you going to pick yourself up and move forward?

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