11 Things {Healthy} Men NEVER Do!

August 1, 2022
One of the biggest misconceptions is that because you look good with your clothes off, you’re healthy. I have realized over my 46 years on this planet that health is much more than what meets the eye. I want to go over some things that healthy men never do.

Want to be healthy? Don’t do these!

  1. Keep toxic people in your life – toxic people may not be bad per se, but they’re not good. They make us feel worse about ourselves. Some of these toxic people are easy to get out of our lives. But sometimes, they are co-workers, bosses, or relatives. Protect yourself and do what you need to ensure you’re emotionally stable and strong. Deal with them less, see them less, and have those hard conversations.
  2. Hold everything inside – men have often pushed their emotions down inside due to fear of being labeled ‘feminine.’ Pushing feelings inside may manifest in destructive and unhealthy ways.
  3. Let their failures dictate future successes – identify the failure and then forgive yourself and the people around. Move forward.
  4. Act like your shit doesn’t stink – have a healthy self-image and be comfortable in your own skin but don’t put on an act or a front. You don’t have to convince the world that you are something.
  5. Neglect yourself physically – you need to exercise to have strong muscles and be flexible. Exercise also creates a healthy heart and lungs. Do not consume too much alcohol, take drugs, or smoke anything. Also, focus on your diet because bad habits will catch up to you. Fill in the nutritional gaps with Ritual Essential for Men and use code ‘ALPHA20’ to get 20% off your first month.
  6. Think that porn is reality – the way you’re supposed to treat or handle a spicy senorita is not like what you see in those movies. To have a healthy relationship, stop spending too much time surfing porn.
  7. Engage in social media excessively — TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram are also destroying our health. Remove these from your phone, and the next time you reach to look at it, instead say hello, communicate, and smile. Engage!
  8. Have your phone out on a date – nothing will kill the mood more than answering a text or phone call when you should be communicating or having a conversation.
  9. Allow fear to stop you – going after something you don’t know 100% that you’re going to be good at or be successful at is scary, but healthy men understand that they have to manage the fear and push it down to move forward.
  10. Hang out with losers – the circle of people you hang out with daily will directly impact you and where you go. You won’t go anywhere if you’re hanging out with losers.
  11. Allow friends to peer pressure you – be your own man and understand you should do what is right and not necessarily what it’s easy. Don’t blame other people for where you are in life. If you want something, you can get it. Be willing to roll up your sleeves and get dirty.

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