‘Holy hell it’s hot!’ weather essentials

June 22, 2024
A stifling heat wave has settled for the long haul across the United States. That being said, how do we navigate looking stylish and cool in this sweltering, sweaty heat? You know my personal favorite time of year for men’s style and fashion is fall and winter. Everybody knows that jeans, boots, sweaters, and killer jackets are all AMAZING.

But eventually, you’ll have to take off that amazing jacket because the summer heat has hit. You certainly can’t wear the same cool weather items because you’ll sweat your ass off and look ridiculous. So, without further adieu, here are my Alpha M. Hot Weather Essentials.

In terms of summer-style fashion, you’re limited in options. But just like with winter style, your hot weather style all revolves around fit. Fit is what’s going to set you apart from the other guys. We all may be wearing tee shirts and shorts, but having a great fit with better fabric is the key. You DO NOT want big and baggy!

Okay, let’s start with the feet. For sexy summer footwear, it all boils down to the footwear trinity: (1) a pair of simple leather flip-flops, (2) a pair of cool casual sneakers, and (3) a great pair of leather driving mocs or loafers. If you must, boat shoes are okay.

Now, all flip-flops are definitely not created equal. In terms of flip-flops, I’m talking about very simple and subtle black or brown leather flip-flops. Rainbows are great, but not blasted across your footwear. Also, simple and subtle, as well as understated, are what you should pick as opposed to the big, bulky, strappy monstrosities like mandals.

You certainly can wear pants and jeans in the summer, as well as shorts. All three work with a pair of fashion -or- white (clean & sexy, but be sure to keep the upper clean) sneakers as you can’t exist in flip-flops alone. Sometimes you want to go running around at a park, riding a bike, walking with a dog, whatever. Sneakers such as Pumas, Chucks, and ASICS have a lot of great fashion sneaker options. These fashion sneakers work with shorts as well as casual cotton pants and jeans. Also, check out this analysis I did about who makes the best white sneakers.

I know some of you guys are wild about boat shoes, but I am not. It’s not my style. For a simple pair of leather slip-on shoes, I recommend a driving moc or loafer. Either is an option that you can easily throw on with a pair of shorts, pants, or jeans. You always hear about people dressing up a pair of shorts or dressing up a pair of jeans, and in the summer, the loafer is the right way to do it.

Now, in terms of shorts, you need to think versatile and sexy. Your shorts should be tailored and fitted through the thigh. Regarding the length, you need to go with whatever is comfortable. But don’t go super long because your legs will look short, and don’t go super high because it’s a look that many men would have a hard time pulling off. Check out this video where I go over shorts dos and don’ts.

Start off with a great pair of flat-front gray shorts. I particularly like flat-front city shorts. You also need a pair of khaki shorts because nothing is simpler or sexier than a white shirt paired with fitted khaki shorts + flip-flops or driving mocs. It’s a great look.

Where can you get these shorts? Now, your shorts need to be fitted, and yes, they come in different fits. Baggy shorts will make you look dumpy. Your calves will look horrible, and your legs will look like sticks. Many of the shorts I mentioned can be found in higher-end men’s stores as well as Cuts Clothing. Visit J.Crew, Banana Republic, and even The GAP, which have great options for fitted shorts as well. Even Express has decent cargo shorts that are fitted.

Now let’s talk about shirts. The basic white t-shirt is the perfect option because it matches everything. Grab yourself a white v-neck or crew neck. And if you haven’t bought any new shirts since last year, you need to inspect them because they tend to build up yellow pits. That’s not something you want to be wearing during the summer! Also, make sure they fit for your body type.

In regard to other shirt colors, go for black, gray, and light blue. Try a color outside of your style box, too — perhaps a salmon or a pink. Also, go for a shirt that has a little bit more attitude and a little more fun, such as a retro-inspired vintage tee shirt — something with a faded screen print on the front. You can also go for a Hawaiian shirt, which you can find at H&M, Forever 21, American Eagle, Abercrombie, and any other fast fashion store. Style tip: make sure you roll the sleeves to expose those guns.

And no wardrobe would be complete without a nice-fitting polo shirt (check out my polo shirt dos and don’ts video) and simple white collared button-down shirt. If you’re worried about your nipples, invest in one that has double pockets on the chest. The pockets give a bit of dimension and character, but they also prevent your areolas from showing through, even if you’re sweating.

Casual cotton pants that are lightweight are also an item that you can’t go wrong with during the summer. You can experiment and play with color to set yourself apart from all of your buddies. Add a fun fabric or braided belt and some cool accessories like bracelets, lightweight Nato watch straps, sunglasses (no better accessory!), a man bag, a metal water bottle, or even a straw hat, and you’ll have a perfect outfit for every summer situation.

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