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In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM AaronMarino Pete & Pedro Tiege Hanley ENEMY has one goal for this video: to make you look HOT.  You will walk into a room and make people stop in their tracks because you have that something special.

How to be ten times HOTTER than other dudes

  1. Rock the sh!t out of a cardigan — rules include: if the collar is thick, it’s casual. If you are rocking a sexy watch, cuff the cardigan. Don’t button all of the buttons (leave one or two bottom undone, and leave the top unbuttoned).
  2. Rock suede — It’s texture and richness. Chelsea or chukkas as well as sneakers.
  3. Rock white minimal sneakers — tie the laces like Alpha demonstrates to keep them tied tight
  4. Wear sleeves that are short — it’s all about exposing the triceps to make them look bigger and more muscular
  5. Rock a super sexy watch — If you are ready to upgrade your watch game, check out MVMT. Alpha displays his newest MVMT watches which are both automatic. He fell in love with the details — clean, simple, elegant. Next, the Field Collection is masculine and are casual cool.  They are affordable as well as badass beautiful. They have a ton of amazing watches to pick from — check out Alpha’s curated collection. Use Alpha’s code to get them even cheaper!
  6. Rock a pea coat — and pop the collar. Also size down.
  7. Fix those popping pockets — if it’s happening for a number of reasons but to fix the flared pockets, size up. If you are rocking a suit, have the suit let out (Alpha demonstrates).
  8. Rock a turtleneck under a suit — it’s an automatic head turning
  9. Wear gradient lens sunglasses — you will look hotter than everyone else
  10. SMILE — give them the grill. You need to use your most deadly hotness asset. Even if jacked up, you can whiten them (simple and affordable).