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BY admin February 18, 2021


6 Ways to Have a MORE Attractive Face {INSTANTLY}!

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In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness, and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM AaronMarino Pete & Pedro Tiege Hanley ENEMY has a TON of information to help your face be more attractive. He divides the content into zones and packs a bunch of amazing information into this one video.

Elevate your attractiveness in each zone

  1. Hair — trying to rock a style that won’t work for you or your hair will not make you attractive. By the time you notice you need a haircut, you already needed a week or so before. Make an appointment when you are leaving from your last appointment.
  2. Eyes — you need two eyebrows (you need to know where they should start and stop; refer to Alpha’s demonstration); your eyes should not be bloodshot (allergies? lack of sleep? get it under control); your under eyes should not have dark circles (get enough solid slumber and/or use eye cream).
  3. Nose — big noses are perceived as sexy;  it shouldn’t be oily or greasy; make sure your nose doesn’t have blackheads, clogged pores, or zits (use blackhead remover strips); keep your pores clean (wash your face 2xs a day; use an exfoliating scrub 2xs a week).
  4. Facial Skin — use skincare to make sure your facial skin is attractive; Tiege Hanley is recommended, which you can start with Level 1 (Wash, AM, PM). If you’re older try, Level 2 and 3, which adds eye cream and super serum respectively.
  5. Mouth — your breath shouldn’t stink (it’s a huge turnoff; your oral hygiene needs to be strong); make sure your teeth are white (quick and easy are whitening strips & trays); your lips should be kiss-ably soft (use Vaseline at bedtime and use high-quality lip balm like Tiege Hanley’s).
  6. Chin / Lower Jaw — grow a beard! If you can’t, grow what you can and rock it. Soul patch and sideburns will work. Make sure you have substantial sideburns, whoever you are — and make sure they aren’t cut straight across. Don’t cut your neck hair incorrectly or you could look chubby (Alpha demonstrates how to handle neck hair properly).


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