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Hear everything from what is the worst thing about living with Alpha, what it’s like to live with him, how it was like for her when he went through his business failure, and more. Also find out Alpha’s worst habit as well as the secret to their happy 17-year marriage and the first gift he ever gave her.

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6 Tricks to Last Longer in Bed
In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness, and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM  https://iamalpham.com/ AaronMarino https://aaronmarino.com/ Pete & Pedro https://peteandpedro.com/ Tiege Hanley https://www.tiege.com/and ENEMY https://enemy.com/ is going to help to take you from ‘average’ to ‘eye-rolling’ in bed. Part one is how to create extra awesome action; part two is how to make it last longer.

How to create extra awesome action

  • Forget what you’ve seen in movies regarding how to please a partner — what you’ve seen in movies is all centered on pleasing the dude. Make it more about her by being conscientious, touching, talking, and focusing on her.
  • Forget about the size of Big Al and the twins — don’t be weird and insecure; instead, take your time and focus on the actions discussed in this how-to. You don’t have to be hung like a mythical beast, but it does have to work. If it doesn’t, contact Roman https://getroman.com/ALPHA about your ED. Take advantage of the online evaluation and medication shipped to your home.
  • Get ready for action long before it needs to start — get her excited with playful flirting, kissing, nibbling, and a little dirty talking. Start doing a better job at foreplay as well; like a car, she can’t just be popped into 5th gear without stuttering, sputtering, and stalling.
  • Go downtown — this action should be mutually reciprocating. Also, give encouragement and compliments when it’s your turn. She also wants to feel beautiful, sexy, and seductive.
  • Use the Alpha M Rule of Getting Freaky — give it to her before you get it yourself.

How to be less quick to the draw

  • Think of your grandmother naked, dead puppies, and dead kittens.
  • Use a thicker condom or condoms with numbing agents —  to desensitize Big Al.
  • Use Roman Swipes — with benzocaine to desensitize Big Al.
  • Workout doing sets of kegels — holding for 10-second sets;  it’s the same action as when you are peeing and you force yourself to stop.
  • Practice the edging technique — when taking care of yourself solo and you’re about to do your thing, stop, hold your breath, and relax. Then, proceed thereafter.
  • Practice the squeeze technique — squeeze behind the head with 2 fingers just before you are about to finish and hold for 2-seconds to force the blood back.
  • Switch positions — change just before you are ready to finish.
  • Take rests — do your thing then rest a bit before resuming.
  • Pre-party before you go out with the spicy senorita — you won’t be ready to explode like a geyser when the time actually comes.

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