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VIDEO: Grooming for the Job You Have and the Job You Want
ARTICLE: Facial Hair and Face Shapes
The starting point for determining what facial hair you’re going to wear is the job you have or the job you want to have. The good news is that society is getting more comfortable with men’s facial hair. Aaron Marino of alpha m. discusses considerations for determining facial hair styles.

For the majority of us, the facial hair style that we choose comes down to (1) what we like and (2) what we can grow. Face shape plays a role and can take ‘good’ to ‘great’. It all comes down to balance, and facial hair can enhance your look and compliment your facial structure. By knowing how to craft a facial hair style, you can super totally enhance your look. Alpha gives some tips for the following face shapes:

  • Square– strong jaw can be emphasized (goatee, defined beard) or softened (softer beard, mustache, soft triangular soul patch) with facial hair
  • Round– less angles and fuller cheeks (short beard with defined lined, well groomed / edged goatee, longer / thinner sideburns)
  • Triangular– Alpha falls into this category (fuller or longer goatee / beard, shorter and wider sideburns)
  • Oval– anything you want to grow and try will look great because the face is symmetrical. The book is open in your world.