How to Command Respect If You’re Shy {7 Psychological Tricks}

September 22, 2022
Some people are automatically respected because they have a presence. They are the people that others gravitate towards. They have a brilliant smile or are very good at communication. What happens if you’re an introvert or quiet? Does this mean you can’t command respect when you enter a room or talk to somebody? The answer is hell no. I’m going to show you how to have control, so if you want to be respected more, you can do it. 

How to command the respect you deserve

  1. Look respectable – your personal packaging automatically sets you apart from other people. Level up, gentlemen. Dress one level above what everybody else is dressing like in the room. If all the other dudes are in boring basic business casual, take it to the next level with a tailored suit that fits you properly.
  2. Don’t look nervous – (a) Rocking a bunch of sweat rings makes you look insecure, and it’s embarrassing. People will think that you stink. Go with a high-quality natural deodorant. (b) Wear a Thompson tee, an undershirt with built-in sweat barriers into the armpits. (c) Use a non-talc-based powder to prevent swamp ass.
  3. Make eye contact – ensure you’re locking and loading for at least three to five seconds, then break the gaze. You’ll appear more confident and command more respect.
  4. Don’t have out your phone – don’t use it as a security blanket. Instead, be engaging and give a good handshake.
  5. Give a good handshake – make sure you practice. (a) You want to firmly squeeze but not be aggressive or crush their hand. (b) You need both hands so that you can top the other hand. (c) Or you can touch their shoulder, which is another way to command respect. Touch in a non-creepy way.
  6. Speak-up — (a) Give compliments. Be comfortable using your words because if you’re muted, you never talk and won’t be viewed as confident. (b) Speak up when the time is right because most people just run their mouths. These people are uncomfortable with silence. But when you’re a quiet individual, people will tune in and listen more when you do speak up. (c) Don’t be negative or gossip because not being positive is a huge turn-off. If you gossip, people won’t trust you.
  7. Don’t be reactive – don’t be overly emotional when things happen. Stay cool, calm, and collected. Think through situations as opposed to just getting crazy.

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