How to Dress SEXY as an Adult Man

November 10, 2023
Over the past 30 days, I have interviewed over 100 women and read over 30 articles. I have watched too many YouTube videos about what makes a man sexy. So today, I will review the rules, which the video will be broken into two parts. I’ll start with sexy dressing rules and then finish with specific clothing that women find most attractive.

Sexy dressing rules

  • Fit. Fit is the most important aspect of dressing well. If your clothes are too baggy, boxy, and not highlighting your positive attributes, you won’t look sexy. You’ll look frumpy.
  • Color. Wearing subdued and darker colors is sexier and more mysterious. Wear muted colors. Quiet luxury refers to a more casual and luxurious look and feel that doesn’t include bright colors and patterns.
  • No patterns. Do not wear patterns with casual clothing, but patterns make a suit look better. Bolt patterns are the sexiest options for suiting. Every guy looks good in a well-tailored suit, but what will set a man apart from others is bold suit patterns. Make sure that your shirt and other accessories are subdued and minimal, however.
  • Skin exposure. A man who unbuttons his shirt three buttons down is considered more attractive and sexy. If you want to rock this look, make sure your manscaping game is strong.
  • Forearms. Expose them because women find them the sexiest feature.

Clothes & accessories women find most attractive

  • Proper fitting jeans. You don’t want super tight jeans that make your moose knuckle apparent. And women don’t want to see wedgies. Jeans that are hanging off your ass are bad as well. You need a perfect-fitting pair of jeans that are not too tight in the leg and have the proper length. Pair them with simple boots and a perfect white Henley.
  • Outerwear. A lot of guys get this piece wrong. It’s not just a jacket. Every sexy dude needs to have a navy pea coat. Another incredibly sexy jacket is a bomber. A leather jacket is one of the sexiest jackets that a dude can wear, but you have to ensure it’s age-appropriate.
  • Shoes. Shoes are an easy way to elevate the aesthetic of your look and a way to get attention from spicy ass senoritas. Women find suede Chukkas attractive as they add richness and texture. Leather sneakers and sexy stylish kicks are also footwear that women find irresistibly sexy.
  • Henleys. Henley shirts are sexiness personified and look amazing on men. If you have a nice physique, they look extra sexy.
  • Perfect fitting T-shirts. When you combine a perfect-fitting T-shirt with jeans, you have a combination that you can’t lose.
  • Accessories. Accessories can make or break an outfit. An Apple watch will break an outfit, for example. Opt for a cool ring or a necklace. Women do not typically find men with earrings super attractive, but glasses are a great way to elevate your aesthetic.
  • Boxer briefs. These are sexy, but not all underwear was created equal. You don’t want to wear underwear that makes you look like a little boy or like you have super skinny legs. Underwear with images like flamingos is not sexy. Neither are tighty whities.
  • Fragrance. When you smell amazing, you are ten times more attractive and sexy.

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