How to Look F*$KING AWESOME in a Polo! | 5 Tips to Look BETTER Than Other Guys

April 23, 2021
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The polo is one of Alpha’s all-time favorite wardrobe staples. In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness, and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM AaronMarino Pete & Pedro Tiege Hanley ENEMY says the polo is a classic menswear item that every single one of you needs to be smooth, stylish, and sexy. But polos were not all created equal as there’s a razor-thin line between looking like a SEX MACHINE and looking like your weird UNCLE BARRY. This video is presenting polo perfection picking tips and how to rock your polo. 

Alpha has been rocking the Ministry of Supply polos for years now — and the reason is simple. There is no better polo on the market. They are more expensive due to the quality, but they will last. Alpha demonstrates his 3-year old polo that hasn’t stretched or faded, and the collar still pops. Summer colors are here, so check them out before they sell out.

Polo Picking Rules

  • The fit — this rule is the #1 most important. The chest should be snug; whereas, the body shouldn’t be (looking like a sausage is a no-no). The length should not come down past your crotch, and the sleeve should not cover your entire upper arm (make sure to expose some triceps).
  • The fabric — pique cotton polos are the most casual, which stretch and fade fast. Cotton polos are hot because they’re not breathable (sweat marks show too). Look for a polo with higher-end fabric that’s cooler, fade & discoloration resistant, and wrinkle-free like the Ministry of Supply’s polo.
  • The collar — standard polos have floppy, weak, and lazy collars. Look for a polo with a shorter collar that is more rigid.
  • The color/pattern — never wear a striped polo that’s big, bold, and bright. The stripes make you look like a kid. Go for navy, black, and white instead. Gray is another option that sexy senoritas love.
  • The buttons — do not button the 2nd button. Instead, create the visual v by opening it up a bit. You’ll draw the eyes down, making your shoulders appear broader and your face more angular & chiseled. If you aren’t afraid of man cleavage, unbutton three like Alpha. Also, make sure the placket is not weak and crumbly; the placket should be rigid.

How to Rock Your Polo

Look #1 — white polo + minimal white leather sneakers + medium wash distressed jeans.

Look #2 — navy polo + brown leather sneakers + medium wash distressed jeans + fabric belt

Look #3 — white polo + minimal white leather sneakers + fitted shorts

Look #4 — black polo + black loafers (no socks) + dark wash jeans + black belt

Look #5 — black polo + black loafers (no socks) + suit pants + with/without jacket


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