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MeUndies | Men’s Underwear
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 In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro says that if you have an average or below average package OR are just insecure about the size it, this video is for  you! He’s covering how to enhance your manhood with enhancements, advice, and underwear styles. Alpha starts with a story about his hog and about he’s come to realize that he’s not deformed nor hung like a massive stallion.

Make Your Junk Look Bigger

  • Enhance the appearance of your bulge through manscaping the bush
  • Use the ‘move’ which is tuck-and-lift (tuck, grab, adjust, pull up & out) along with support to give the illusion of larger package. You need great underwear for the support.
  • Choose your underwear wisely. MeUndies are one of the best value-plays in terms of underwear with high quality, durability, and options.


  1. Boxer – comfortable but doesn’t showcase. It’s the worst with support and package presentation.
  2. Briefs – supportive and you can execute the ‘move’
  3. Boxer briefs – the longer leg, the smaller look of package
  4. Trunks – perfect package presentation because of the proportions


  • Color is also a consideration — black is horrible if you want to make it look bigger. Go with a lighter color! MeUndies has endless color choices.
  • Underwear size matters – You can’t use large or stretched out underwear. MeUndies are sexy soft, will hold up, and will hold their shape.