How to PROPERLY Dress Your Body Shape

November 29, 2023
I went to the mall a couple weeks ago to revamp my fall wardrobe. It’s been a while since I’ve been shopping, and I wanted to upgrade certain pieces. Specifically, I was looking for new black jeans, gray denim, and medium-wash blue jeans. After about 2 hours of trying things on at different stores, I was so frustrated that nothing fit me. I ended up leaving.

When I got home, my wife wanted to see all my purchased clothes. I let her know that I didn’t buy anything, and she was curious as to why. I explained that I couldn’t find any pants off the rack that fit because of my height. And she asked why I didn’t just go to the website I used to go to to buy stuff for shorter men. I responded, asking about Peter Manning. She confirmed who she was referring to. So I visited and dropped $2,500, which got me thinking about today’s video.

The majority of men weren’t born with off-the-rack body types. Some body types look great in everything, but the reality is that most of us dudes don’t. Let’s talk about different body types. So, I want to review how to dress appropriately for your body type and shape. We’ll review some general dressing rolls that will make you look better regardless of your body shape or type. We’ll also dig deeper into specific issues that certain body types have and how to fix them.

Specific Body Types

Skinny dudes.

  • Avoid clothing that’s too tight, which will make you look thinner.
  • Also, avoid dark, monochromatic looks because dark colors make thin men look smaller. Go for lighter colors, grays, and brighter colors like greens and pinks to appear larger. I recommend lighter shades such as khaki or gray and light denim for pants.
  • Instead of going for a skinny fit, go for more of a straight leg. You will look even thinner if you’re skinny and wearing baggy clothing.
  • Layering is a fantastic way for a skinny guy to dress. Build up your upper chest by wearing an undershirt or t-shirt, a sweater, and maybe a jacket or bomber.
  • Double breast pockets will add both to your chest as well.
  • Last, collars can add both to your traps.

Huskier dude.

  • Dark colors will make you look smaller, which is fantastic.
  • And regarding layering, a dark overshirt will make you look smaller when combined with white, giving a slimming and muscular illusion. Combine that with a pair of dark denim that will elongate you and make you look leaner and smaller. The cool thing about an overshirt is that you have a pocket, so if you have man boobs, it’s a great way to minimize that.
  • If you’re a bit rounder and huskier, wearing a dark shirt, dark pants, and dark jacket is suggested.
  • Ensure the fit is proper, whether it’s your shirt or outerwear. Your shirt shouldn’t come down long to make your legs appear shorter and your upper body bigger. You want to create visual length and elongate. Looking taller will make you look cleaner.
  • When you’re heavier, you want to avoid too long pants and puddling at the ankle. It’ll make you look shorter and stockier.
  • Make sure pants are tapered without being overly tight if you’re a big dude.
  • Look for clothing that fits strategically snug in the chest and arms but is not tight in the body. You may need to size up and then have the shirt tailored. Companies like DXL are great for tall and big guys, whether or not you’re heavy. They sell longer pants and larger sizes. The downside to DXL is the shirts will be super long. The good news is that you can find pants that will fit.
  • Now, if you have big thighs or a big butt, you can balance that with color contrast, such as a light shirt up top to make you look bigger on top, and then combine that with medium to dark wash denim down below.

Short dudes.

  • For a short person, long shirts and jackets that come down too long against the legs will make them look even shorter. You want to create visual length and elongate.
  • A short guy doesn’t want puddling at the ankle, either.

General dressing tips

  • Baggy clothing only looks good on some people because it will make you look short and heavy.
  • Horizontal stripes don’t look good on anybody but super skinny tall dudes. Horizontal stripes will make you look whiter and shorter. But if you’re heavy, opt for vertical stripes to accentuate your height. White or vertical stripes will add visual length and dimension for a short guy to make you appear smaller and taller.
  • Dark colors look great on most people. I recommend dark gray, charcoal, and navy blue suit shades. This is also a great option if you’re a thin dude wearing a lighter gray or a darker blue. Black suits don’t look good on anybody. They really shouldn’t be worn except for funerals or possibly if you’re wearing a tuxedo.
  • Tailoring is the missing link to looking fantastic. Many guys don’t realize that when having pants altered, they should have them tapered at the ankle along with hemming them. It’s a subtle modification that will make you look amazing. You will look thinner and sexier as well as more muscular, regardless of your height.
  • Learn your body and understand that all clothing was not created equal. Realize what stores work for you and what cuts look best on you. The beautiful thing is when it comes to denim, there are many options. You can find skinny, slim, standard, athletic, relaxed. It’s about finding the best pair of denim for you that fits perfectly. It shouldn’t be too tight or too big. It should never be hanging down on your ass. The cool thing is they now make other pants with different cuts, like khakis, chinos, and corduroys.
  • We all, unfortunately, don’t have off-the-rack bodies, but I usually recommend slim fit versions because slim fit doesn’t mean super tight; it just means more tailored in the midsection of the shirt, reducing the amount of fabric that will make you look better.
  • Pay attention to proportions. If you’re a short dude, I know the pain and suffering. Ultimately, embarrassment is associated with going into a store and finding clothes off the rack. Finding a place like Peter Manning is a game-changer for me: use code alpha2023 for 20% OFF your entire order (expires 12.30.23)

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