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As you know, Alpha’s been doing a series of videos on manscaping and hair removal options. As a result, he gets a bunch of emails about hair removal creams. Aaron Marino of alpha m. says that there are other brands of hair removal creams than Nair.

Keep in mind that these are the same ole creams that women have been using for years. Here’s how to use it: rub the cream on the area that you don’t want hair. Just cover the area (don’t rub in). Wait 8-15 minutes. When ready, wash off in shower.

Before you start using it, test it out for allergic reactions or sensitivities. Take a little and rub on area in question. Then wait 24-hours before proceeding. Chest, back, legs and arms are okay to use the cream.

Do not use on face or genitals. Alpha gives a little story about a dude who used it on his testicles. It was like a blow torch scorching his scrotum. He had to call out of work for 3-days from the chemical burns. This stuff is serious stuff but is safe if used as directed.