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BY Debbie Probst May 18, 2012


Men's Belts | How to Wear and Match

For most men, a belt is an after-thought. You should consider a belt a super cool accessorizing option. Today, Aaron Marino of alpha m. is talking about belts.

Styles are broken down into dress and casual belts. Alpha also goes over studded belts, utility belts, fanny packs, and karate belts.

Dress Belt

Dress belt is thinner and more refined than casual belts. It’s as wide as your thumb and comes in black or brown. Take a look at your shoes- that determines what belt you are going to wear. Match your belt color to your shoe color– the finish should also match! Alpha describes how to match the belt and shoes when shopping for a belt. You should consider your ability to buy or coordinate a belt to your shoes when buying shoes. Belt buckle on dress belts should be simple, classic, and clean. Make sure to match your metals too! Match your buckle metal to your watch metal for example.

Casual Belts

Casual belts are either leather or fabric. A simple rule to follow is when you are wearing a casual leather shoe, match the leather color and texture for your belt. Another option is fun fabric belts. Fabric belts coordinate with your outfit, and the perfect outfit for sneakers / trainers. White leather belts make Alpha uncomfortable! So matching white leather belts to white sneakers, agh! You can find a cool casual belt to rock with those sneakers.

Belt Sizing

Fabric belts come in small, medium, and large. For leather belts, buy one size larger than pant size. When trying on a new belt, take your old belt off and try the new belt on through the loops. Also wear the type of pants that you will be wearing with the belt when trying on the belt. Aim for the center hole. If you get to ends, it’s too big or too small.

Storing and Replacing

Store your belt properly to extend its life. Hang on a belt hanger which stores it vertically. You can also do this with a hanger. Replace a belt when it’s dinged and indented. Also once you’ve moved from that center hole, it’s time to replace it.


Alpha discusses the trend of sagging pants. He talks about its orientation and what it represents. If you sag your pants, no one will take you seriously. No self respecting individual who is trying to succeed in life is sagging their pants. If you’re currently wearing your pants around your butt cheeks rather than around your waist, you need to reevaluate. How others receive you can be drastically affected.

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