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Shopping for Aaron Marino’s First Tuxedo
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Suitsupply Suit Review
Aaron displays his tuxedo, and he says he needs a follow-up because when he wore it in a recent video, he realizes that he hates it! In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro reiterates why he doesn’t like Hugo Boss and is even less of a fan now. He paid a lot of money for sub-par quality. Their casual clothes are nice, and the staff is amazing, but the quality of Alpha’s new tuxedo is sh!t. It’s terrible and doesn’t fit him right.

Even his friend who is the groom returned his Hugo Boss tux! And now Alpha found out that everyone else is wearing different tuxedos rather than Hugo Boss. Alpha now out $1,200, and he can’t return it because he had alterations! The quality is just BAD and the price is astronomical. He knew that he didn’t like Hugo Boss, but he didn’t know that his buddy wasn’t going to get the tux there after all.

On the flip-side, he’s had a great experience with his tuxedo shirt. His friend is wearing pleats but everyone else is wearing plain front from Hugo Boss for $200. Alpha didn’t want to funnel anymore money to them so he opted for his favorite place that never lets him down – Suit Supply.

From Suit Supply, he got a slim fit, peaked bib, French cuff, standard collar tuxedo shirt. The fit is flawless. Alpha describes the features including the black studs instead of buttons. The quality is fantastic with a price point of $99 & free shipping. Once again he’s blown-away by Suit Supply. The quality is night and day in comparison to the likes of Armani and Hugo Boss. The Suit Supply suits are better made, which Alpha details. They are wearing black satin bow ties.