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BY admin January 17, 2021


10 Items Men Own That Boys DON’T!

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Yup, you’re a dude. But are you a man or a little boy? In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness, and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM AaronMarino Pete & Pedro Tiege Hanley ENEMY says as we age and mature into men, priorities change. Buying habits also change, and certain items are owned by men that boys don’t. 

Men choose {THESE} items

  1. Automatic watch — knowing you have to care for it develops a relationship & bond with your watch.
  2. Grown-up sexy wallet — there’s something manly about owning a lean, simple, clean, minimal, and sexy wallet. Check out ENEMY’s new slim leather cardholder and slim leather wallet — both are perfect in size but still extremely functional.
  3. The tailored suit — wearing a suit that fits separates a man from a boy. When you slip it on, you feel more confident, stand taller, and exude sexiness! Places like Indochino and Suit Supply sell amazing suits that are tapered to your body — and Indochino suits are custom and cheaper than off the rack.
  4. Cufflinks — alpha males own cufflinks to elevate their dress-up game. Keep in mind a custom dress shirt from Tailor Store is cheaper than off the rack.
  5. Leather dress shoes — invest in a badass pair of leather shoes for your tailored suit, chinos, or business casual to be perceived as more of a man than a boy. These leather shoes don’t include boat shoes.
  6. Proper bag — a leather computer bag or briefcase makes you look more mature and demonstrates refined taste. The more you use a leather bag, the better it looks — it’s an investment that separates the men from the boys.
  7. Nice sunglasses — Persol or Tom Ford versus funky designs & colored glasses is the difference between looking successful & mature or not. ENEMY was started to accommodate Alpha’s expensive taste — a super premium pair of sunglasses without the hefty price tag. Each design has been customized with the highest quality acetate, lenses, and spring hinges.
  8. Proper luggage — don’t use bags like a boy. One thing that makes you look more successful and professional is a suitcase when traveling.
  9. Weapon — whether a knife or gun, be responsible like a man!
  10. Super sexy signature scent — don’t rock a body spray like a boy. Creed Aventus is ridiculously expensive at $350+, but it smells like success! You’ll get a ton of compliments — that’s why Alpha created an inspiration fragrance REBEL, which sells for under $50. He also created an inspiration fragrance HERO after Acqua di Gio and KING after Creed Green Irish Tweed.

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