15 Items That ALL Attractive Men Own By 35… That You Should Too!

July 20, 2023
Every attractive guy should own these key items by his mid-30s. Remember that to be attractive, you need to be mentally strong, have a nice body, treat people with kindness & courtesy, and have solid grooming. But owning all 15 of these will help you be EXTRA attractive!

Essentials to have by your mid-30s

  1. Proper watch. An Apple watch is functional but not cool!
  2. Perfect tee
  3. Perfect pair of denim. This pair should make your booty banging and package look amazing.
  4. Clean, simple, white minimal sneakers
  5. Leather dress shoes. Loafers are a great choice.
  6. Passport. Attractive men go places, and traveling makes them look more attractive.
  7. Fitted tailored suit. You will feel confident, stand taller, and look badass.
  8. Fitted tailored shirt. This should be built for you. Buying off the rack is big and baggy. Bonus tip — unbutton the 3rd button.
  9. Beard. A beard can make every dude 10xs more attractive, as a beard is the female equivalent of makeup. Use the best grooming tool, the Brio Beardscape (the only one I trust).
  10. Proper underwear. Do not wear tighty whitey briefs or big & baggy boxers.
  11. Incredible fragrance. Max squirts are three, and make sure to use proper pulse point application.
  12. Aesthetic bags. (1) Have a proper suitcase. Your luggage should look like it’s for a grown-up adult.  (2) With a computer and gear bag, opt for an over-the-shoulder style. If you need to use a backpack, make sure it’s a clean aesthetic and not chunky or youthful.
  13. Timeless + classic shades. Choose from wayfarer, aviator, or clubmaster styles. Avoid extreme and youthful styles that are less sexy.
  14. Clean, minimalistic wallet. A minimal wallet with only essential cards and cash will not mess up your clean aesthetic like a chunky sandwich wallet that is stuffed and immature looking.
  15. Clean environment. (1) Car. If you don’t need one because you can use your bike or subway, that’s perfectly fine. But if you do have a clear, make sure it’s clean and doesn’t smell like ass.  (2) Make sure you live in a place where you can be self-sufficient (parents don’t pay), it’s clean & tidy, and it’s not filled with chaos & clutter. Take pride in your environment just like your appearance.

Featured video

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