15 Items That KILL Your Style INSTANTLY!

May 5, 2023
You feel more confident than when you wear an outfit you know you’re killing it in. You look in the mirror, and you feel incredible. It’s confidence from the outside in. But the truth is, if you’re wearing any of the items I am addressing today, your outfit sucks! These items automatically kill your style because they make you look stupid. Note that some of these items are not innately bad. But you must ensure they work and are consistent with the whole package.

Don’t look stupid, like a douche, or unstylish!

  1. Apple watch. Stylish men know they must wear a proper watch to dress sexy. Rocking an Apple watch takes an outfit’s sexiness down to zero.
  2. Facial piercings. Some guys look great with a nose ring or a simple piercing. But if a man has too many shoved in his face, people will notice that instead of his style, which goes to zero.
  3. Funky shades. Or stupid glasses. Wacky glasses look stupid.
  4. Common fragrances. If everybody’s rocking a cologne, choose a different one. You smell like everybody else if you’re rocking the same thing as your boy or dad. Choose a unique fragrance. But don’t overpower it.
  5. Tank tops. Men wearing tanks are instantly viewed as egomaniacs. But if you want to wear a tank top, wear the right kind in the appropriate situation. Choose a tank that’s not too thin or too thick, big or baggy, and not too cut on the side so that love handles & man boobs can be seen. Homemade cut-out tee shirt tank tops make everybody look skinny-fat. Also, ensure the tank top straps aren’t too thin or too wide. Also, the armholes shouldn’t be super huge, exposing chest fat, and the tank’s body should not be too tight or long. You can give it a partial tuck to show off your belt.
  6. Beat up belts. This is one of the most prominent style offenders that can ruin a man’s look. Go with an Anson belt. They are clean and sexy due to the track system rather than using holes. Choose from a variety of straps and buckles, mix and match.
  7. Whacked phone. Whether or not it’s the outer case that’s immature or a busted screen, fix it!
  8. Dirty shoes. Dirty shoes will instantly kill a man’s outfit. It doesn’t matter how smooth or sexy he is; if his shoes are dirty, he must clean them.
  9. Fanny packs or crossbody bags. They instantly make an outfit look more casual and less put together.
  10. Backpacks. Backpacks also make a man look less put together, even if the backpack is cool and minimal.
  11. Baseball hats. There are times and places for wearing a baseball hat, such as the beach, pool, festival, or on weekends. But understand that the outfit needs to be consistent.
  12. Dark colors covered in lint and pet fur. When wearing dark colors, use a lint remover before leaving the house to look crisp and sexy. It costs about $2.
  13. Novelty socks & ties. These are deal breakers. Men look like douches in these.
  14. Over-accessorization of a suit. Wearing a pocket square, lapel pin, and a tie tack together is too much. Less is more. Accessorizing with all sorts of gadgets and gears lets me know a man’s not stylish. Perhaps wear one of them in isolation, but don’t wear them simultaneously.
  15. X stitch. Did you remove the basting from your new suit? Sometimes it’s by the vent, sleeves, and or chest pocket.

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