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BY admin March 31, 2021


10 Items That Will Make You 10xs MORE Attractive

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In terms of sexiness, there is ‘regular’ sexy and ‘extra’ sexy. You will be ‘extra’ sexy after this video. In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness, and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM AaronMarino Pete & Pedro Tiege Hanley ENEMY is going over ten men’s style items that will take you from average to extra just like that.

Go from REGULAR to EXTRA instantly!

  1. White leather minimal sneaks — they are sexy and versatile. They’re perfect with pairing to denim and white tees.
  2. Simple white v-neck tee — it’s clean and simple. It’s not too over the top and works with so many options. The ‘v’ should not be too deep. The ‘v’ also makes your shoulders appear wider and makes your face look more angular (the ‘v’ draws people’s eyes down). Alpha recommends the Public Rec tee. The fabric is buttery soft and moisture-wicking — it doesn’t shrink or wrinkle.
  3. Bomber jacket — it automatically elevates any outfit; it can be worn in many different seasons depending on the fabric.
  4. Tailored suit — rock it with a fitted white tailored dress shirt, black loafers (without socks), and a simple white pocket square. Opt for side adjustment tabs (instead of belt loops) to elevate your sexiness. Also, look for a lightweight linen + wool blend for a textured suit that looks amazing.
  5. Medium length or longer length driving coat / peacoat — you can dress it down or up.
  6. Pair of suede boots or shoes — it elevates the richness of your outfit, adding a different dimension.
  7. Athleisure — elevate your athleisure game by grabbing a pair of All Day Every Day pants from Public Rec which can be worn to the gym or around town. The fit is perfection and can be worn casually. You pick the waist size and inseam. Alpha’s all-time favorite is black.
  8. Fitted button-up shirt — it’s about the fit as well as the rolled-up sleeves. Sexy senoritas go loco over men’s exposed forearms! Tuck and roll, gentlemen.
  9. Light-weight cardigan sweater — it’s sexy and smooth to toss on top of a v-neck tee or a button-up shirt. You can dress it up or down with slacks or mildly distressed denim.
  10. Shades — it’s the quickest way to elevate your sexiness. Sunglasses are the great equalizer; you automatically look cooler and mysterious. You’re also protecting your eyes!
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