7 Jackets Men Should NEVER Wear!

September 30, 2022
Today’s video is inspired by this ugly ass jacket. Let me explain. A few weeks ago, my wife and I took a weekend trip with a couple to Asheville, North Carolina, to see the Biltmore. That Saturday morning, the weather was rainy and super nasty. I had not packed for the weather, so I found a store selling outdoor gear. I saw this jacket, and I couldn’t decide if it was retro cool or ugly. So, I bought it and thought it was comfortable and convenient with many pockets.

Then everybody started making fun of me — everyone from my wife to my buddy Adam to his wife Marley told me that the jacket was the ugliest ever. But then it gets worse. I see pictures of myself wearing it on Instagram. I was mortified! That said, I will go over a few jackets that sexy and stylish dudes like you would never wear.

Jackets you should never wear

  1. Dad jackets. They are bland, boring, basic, and boxy. The lightweight bomber jacket is a much sexier and more stylish version of the dad jacket. It’s also affordable. This lightweight bomber adds an edge to any outfit but make sure it fits you.
  2. Big, baggy, boxy bombers. You need to ensure that the jacket is tailored to your midsection. If not, you look heavier and rounder. Size down, which is valid for whenever you’re buying outerwear. Most people will find that the smaller outerwear looks better, but if you can barely zip it, size back up. Also, remember that jackets will stretch out and loosen a bit.
  3. Fake leather. Do not wear fake leather jackets. There is no substitute for real leather as it lasts longer and looks more rugged once it’s broken in. Faux leather is not necessarily cheaper, either. Like their boots, Thursday Boots Company’s leather jackets get no better. I love their matte black racer jacket. It’s flawless.
  4. Too youthful. Another wrong leather jacket is if you’re an older guy wearing a jacket that looks too young with quilting, zippers, and patches. Choose a simple, clean jacket that is appropriate for any age. The moto jacket by Thursday Boot Company is a classic leather jacket that is super soft and sexy. And so flexible you would literally don’t have to break it in. I recently got their roadster jacket in black coffee. It’s distressed and sick! It’s another classic design that will work well for all ages.
  5. Matchy-matchy denim. A great rule of thumb for wearing a denim jacket is to choose Chino pants or a cotton option. If you wear your denim jacket with jeans, make sure it’s not too matchy-matchy. You need contrast to balance, never wear super light wash denim jackets, and choose mid-wash or dark wash. Also, make sure you’re denim jacket is not big or boxy.
  6. Super long-sleeved. When I find a jacket that I like, I have the sleeves altered. Don’t try to hem the sleeve because it will throw off the proportions. Take your jacket to a tailor and have them lift the sleeve to keep the look of the sleeve the same but shorter.
  7. Covered with lint, fuzz, or pet hair. Use a lint remover every day when wearing pea coats. Before leaving the house, go over your entire jacket to ensure you’re not covered with lint, hair, or fur. Pea coats are one of the greatest winter jacket options due to the collar, structure, and stance. Your shoulders will look broad, and your waist will look smaller. But make sure to size down. It needs to be snug in the body. Also, remember that it will loosen up as you wear it. Pea coats are appropriate for popping the collar. You’ll look sexier, cooler, and more stylish than other dudes.

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