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In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, Pete & Pedro , Ollie , and ENEMY helping you with job interviews by presenting interview don’ts. These things will kill your opportunity.

Nail Your Job Interview

  1. DO NOT be late! Do a dry run the day before your interview.
  2. Don’t forget to your research on the company before your interview — understand the organization and corporate culture
  3. Don’t be too sexy with your grooming — subdued hair style, piercings out, facial hair clean shaven.
  4. Don’t wear the wrong ensemble — Don’t wear super stylish clothing. You need to wear a fitted basic white / light blue / subtle pattern button up shirt. Never wear jeans; instead, wear khakis or gray slacks. If wearing a suit, opt for charcoal gray or navy blue. Never wear sneakers; opts for loafers or lace-ups. Also, don’t wear double monks as they are too stylized & fashion-forward for an interview.
  5. Don’t overdo your cologne — one squirt only!
  6. Wear a watch — it sends a signal that you are reliable.
  7. Don’t lie on your resume
  8. Don’t talk trash about your old job or co-workers
  9. Don’t focus on the perks — showcase how amazing you are instead
  10. Don’t forget you’re awesome! Be prepared, and let your personality shine. Don’t be timid and weak; however, don’t be too overly confident or aggressive however. Don’t try and dominate the conversation — let them lead. Shake their hand and look them in the eye.

Two *Interview Ready* Shirts

Every guy needs these two shirts: white button down and light blue with subtle pattern button down. They are universally amazing in terms of match, and they’re appropriate for interviews for work as well as chilling. They look amazing under v-neck sweaters too. For the best fit, the Tailor Store is the best made-to-measure shirt company that Alpha has ever tried (and he has tired about nine over the course of his Alpha M. career).

Once you nail the fit, all you have to do the next time is pick the details such as the collar, buttons, and cuff length. You can customize every single aspect of your Tailor Store shirt. The measurements can be done in literally 60-seconds with the Tailor Store Size:Me App. Stand against a wall, have a few pictures taken, plug-in your height, and then a custom designed shirt is ready for your unique and amazing body. The price is LESS expensive than buying an off-the-rack baggy and boxy shirt. Check out Alpha M | Tailor Store