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Aaron Marino of alpha m. says that this leg superset is one of his all time favorites! No one likes to do legs but you have to do them- it’s all about symmetry. You have to do legs ‘occasionally’, and if your ‘occasionally’, try this superset out. This workout also lets you stay in your area so you don’t lose your spot or machine. You bring everything to you.

Alpha says this workout engages so much of your body. If you get lightheaded or queasy, you need to chill. You need a leg press and medium-sized dumbbells. 3 sets for beginners and 4 sets for advanced.

No Excuses Leg Workout

  1. Leg Press – 20 smooth reps, keeping legs soft without locking knees. It doesn’t put a tremendous amount of pressure on your knees like squats and hack squats. Leg press works the entire lower body: quads, hamstrings, glutes, calves.
  2. Stationary Lunges – 12 reps each side. Chest up with knees not going over your toe. Think of it like you’re on an elevator, not an escalator.
  3. Sumo Squats – 15 reps. Feet / toes pointed out, knees out, head / chest up, and butt back. Don’t come up and lock your knees.