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BY admin October 4, 2020


10 Ways to LOOK Like a “BAD BOY” {Even If You’re NOT One}!

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Alpha is wearing what he calls ‘bad boy in a box’, because no matter who you are, you will look like a bad boy wearing it. In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness, and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM¬† AaronMarino Pete & Pedro Tiege Hanley ENEMY is going over ten essential bad boy items to elevate your bad boy look.
  1. Lightweight cardigan sweater — rock it in the fall and winter with the same bad boy basics (boots + jeans + simple tee). Wear it open or button like a bad boy (don’t button the top button or the bottom two buttons).¬† Dress the outfit up by substituting double monks for the boots, a navy cardigan for the gray, and distressed jeans for less distressed. Add a fun fabric belt too.
  2. Long sleeve sweater polo — it’s the dressier, more bad boy version of the three-button Henley. Pair it with a simple pair of jeans and boots.
  3. Turtle neck sweater — with a boots + bomber, the look is ‘sex machine’! Plus all your boys won’t be wearing it — it’s not basic!
  4. Turtle neck under a tailored suit — it’s a game-changer.
  5. Tortoiseshell glasses — they add interest & dimension to your face, and you will automatically look smarter.
  6. Lightweight v-neck sweater over a button-down shirt — jeans + double monks to look even more badass. Substitute slacks or chinos as well.
  7. Peacoat — simple and elegant for when you don’t wear leather. Size down when purchasing (it needs to cinch your waist), and don’t hesitate to pop your collar!
  8. Lightweight black scarf — you can elevate a simple outfit like boots + dark wash jeans + white Henley with a lightweight black scarf. Add a bomber jacket for a super badass look.
  9. Badass accessories — sunglasses, watch, ring, chain
  10. Subscribing to the Alpha M YouTube Channel — the content will build you into a sex machine!
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