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2018 was a very handsome year! BUT 2019 could be better by the maximizing handsome game. In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaMAaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro  is going over ways to be more attractive in 2019.

Maximize Your Handsome Game

1. Shop for 5 specific items to upgrade your style — black lightweight scarf + lightweight leather jacket or bomber jacket + simple Henley + simple fit gray mildly distressed jeans + black distressed Chelsea boots.

2. Let your facial hair grow for 1-month — see what grows in and experiment. Facial hair can make a dramatic difference adding detail and dimension to your face. Grow it out, see what you’re working with, then trim it down to goatee, mustache, soul patch, or so many other handsome enhancing options.

3. Upgrade your hair style — experiment with a new hair style. Google search for hair style options after identifying your specific hair type, texture, and density.

4. Ditch the cheap-ass body sprays and overpowering colognes — upgrade your scent by stopping by a department store’s fragrance section for recommendations. They’ll point you to the right direction. Remember, less is more when using your new scent.

5. BE KIND! — be nicer to people. 2018 had a lot of hate going on with people talking a ton of trash. Be respectful, helpful, and take care of each other in 2019. Let’s stop the toxic energy.

Steps for ANY Stage of Hair Loss

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