Make Girls “Out Of Your League” Chase You! {7 Step Plan}

November 29, 2021
If I am being completely honest with myself, every single woman that I ever dated AND the woman that I married have been out of my league. Why? Because on paper, they could literally have any dude they want. But instead, they ended up with me. Not that I think I’m hideous or anything, but I am a short dude (5′ 6″), I have pointy ears & a high pitched voice, and I definitely don’t have a big sausage. Combine all that with the fact that when I dated these women and married my wife, I was broke. So, why and how did I end up with these super spicy senoritas that were out of my league? Here’s how.

How to out-kick your coverage

  1. Stop thinking of & categorizing people based on their looks — “but she’s too pretty” or “she’ll never date me” needs to stop because that’s a sh!tty attitude. Stop from putting yourself in a box and thinking about other people as ‘more’ or ‘better.’ Identify your insecurities — then fix them if you can. Everyone has insecurities, but the reality is they’re invisible.
  2. Work on your body — one of the reasons why I was confident even though I am a short dude and grew up poor is because I had a good body. I started working out at 12 years old and was super proud of my physique. Working out will boost your self-esteem & confidence and make you feel better about yourself.
  3. Be stylish with your clothing — when you love the person you see looking back at you in the mirror, anything and everything is possible. Men don’t wear suits as much anymore, as they are dressing down on a daily basis. That’s why I have fallen in love with the brand Cuts — the fit is flawless, the style is perfect, and Cuts clothing accentuates my positive attributes.
  4. Improve your personality — (a) your sense of humor, and (b) your sense of adventure.
  5. Make her feel special without kissing her ass — be present, be open, be honest, and be engaging. If you have a real conversation with these characteristics, it will set you apart from everyone else.
  6. Just do it — don’t think or over-analyze. You will miss 100% of the shots if you don’t take any. You need to be willing to get out there and take a risk, but don’t get in your head.
  7. Don’t be intimidated — keep in mind that the prettier girls aren’t getting asked out or approached as much as average looking women. Guys are intimidated by the prettier girls — so just go for it.

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