10 MANHOOD Mistakes DAMAGING Your “Package”!

March 18, 2022
The other day, I received a frantic email from a viewer because his Big Al is smaller. He wanted to know if something specific could be causing this situation. Yes, there are mistakes that can damage Big Al and the Twins. Here they are.

These can destroy Big Al & the Twins!

  1. Being overweight — the bigger you are, the smaller Big Al will be. Also, testosterone production is being destroyed from being overweight.
  2. Taking anabolic testosterone or any that you don’t need — testicular atrophy will happen. The Twins shut down because they don’t have to function normally.
  3. Drinking out of plastic –– endocrine destructing chemicals leach into the water and can negatively affect your reproductive action & testosterone levels.
  4. Being dehydrated — most people are dehydrated, and bad things happen such as lower blood volume.
  5. Smoking cigarettes — vasoconstriction happens (aka less blood).
  6. Wearing the wrong underwear — the Twins regulate themselves, but if they are tucked up there in tight underwear, they can’t drop and sweat. Upgrade your underwear to Sheath and avoid temperature deregulation and reduce sweaty, funky odor (aka meaty mess).
  7. Getting a lack of sleep — your body will release cortisol, which blocks testosterone production. You need 7- 8 hours to have a big and sexy Big Al.
  8. Not using Big Al and the Twins — use it or lose it to be as meaty as possible.
  9. Drinking alcohol — beer has phytoestrogens from hops, which can cause testosterone levels to drop. Alcohol also can also prevent Big Al from getting up. When drinking, you may get horny and have bad judgment as well.
  10. Not wrapping that rascal — unprotected action can result in pregnancy and STDs. Some STDs can have long-term repercussions.

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