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In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro is discussing the comments from his video where his hairless legs where shown. He is puzzled how someone’s grooming preferences could lead to comments about being gay when being gay means liking the same sex!?!? Or that commenters think that calling someone gay is an insult. Aren’t we over that? It blows Alpha’s mind!

Alpha says that a Men’s Health 600 men poll said that 33.1% of men trim hair and 15.3% completely shave their legs. That’s nearly 50% of men managing the length of their leg hair.  Now 28.5% of women like a man who trims his leg hair and 22.2% like a man with clean shaven legs. Once again, it’s split down the middle.

Leave in the comments below this YouTube video whether you are (1) shaven (2) trimmed (3) wearing hair chaps!

Alpha Tips | Why should you shave your legs?

  1. You’ll see more leg muscle definition
  2. If you manscape without shaving your legs, you’ll look like you’re wearing ‘hair chaps’ when naked
  3. Feels good without the hair friction


Removal and trimming options:

  1. Nothing
  2. Trimming
  3. Stubble
  4. Shave
  5. Wax
  6. Hair removal cream


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