7 Things ALL Men Should Do BEFORE Bed | Healthy Lifestyle Tips 2022

April 25, 2022
The morning routines get all the love because they are super sexy. Everybody loves talking about what they do in the morning to help kick ass during the day. But, I’m a firm believer that a kick-ass day starts the night before. I’m going to show and share the steps that I do every night before I go to bed to decompress and unwind. These nighttime steps ensure that my next day will be as kick-ass as possible. I’m also going to show you a few sleep hacks to make sure you slumber solidly.

Steps to take at night for a kick-ass tomorrow

  1. Shower – sleeping for 8 hours with all of the filth and nastiness on your skin from the day is not advisable. Also, if you’re running late in the morning, you’ll be clean and not need to shower. All you have to do is style your hair, apply deodorant, spritz on some cologne, and you’re ready to rock. Make sure after you shower to moisturize your entire body before sleep. Use facial moisturizer to fix the damage that free radicals have done during the day.
  2. Outfit & food choices – by choosing your outfit the night before, you’ll save time and be more creative with your wardrobe. I will also pack my gym bag at this time, including my lunch for the next day. Having meal preparation will help you make better eating decisions.
  3. Vitamins – When taking vitamins at night, your body can absorb the nutrients while you’re sleeping.
  4. Day’s plan – prioritize the list by importance. And making it the night before will allow you to decompress. Anything you don’t get done that day, you can add as a priority to the next day.
  5. Sleep hacks — Dream Powder by Beam has five ingredients that promote sleep. It tastes like hot chocolate and will help you stay asleep amazingly. I’ve been drinking it for about 30 days now and have noticed a massive difference in how I fall asleep. I also turn down the temperature in my room. Dropping the temperature to between 60 and 68° allows for a better and deeper sleep. I also use a fan to add ambient noise, and I make my room as dark as possible. Regarding your phone, turn it to silent – not only do I turn off the sound, but I turn it upside down. I also limit the amount of screen exposure I get before bed by not using a screen an hour before bedtime.
  6. Oral hygiene – I brush my teeth before bed and add a dab of Vaseline on my lips.
  7. Get naked – I sleep better when I’m cool, and staying naked while sleeping keeps me cool.

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