8 Men’s Body Parts That Look BETTER with Hair

September 6, 2023
I’ve had facial hair for the last 30 years. The other day, I shaved it off and showed it to my wife, and she told me to grow it back. So I started to grow it back because she hated it. My face looks better with hair, and so does yours! Today, I want to discuss a few areas on a man’s body that should always have hair.

Of course, eyebrows should have hair, but hair needs to go in between them. Back hair needs to go, and shoulder hair is not sexy. Other places on a man’s body look better with hair, however. Depending on the length, you will look more aesthetic and attractive when you have hair. But personal preference always comes into play regarding men’s body hair.

Going, going, gone? Body hair that should stay!

  1. Pubes. A recent study polled 300 women and asked what level of grooming they expect from a man. 64 women said they prefer trimming down, and 16 want the pubic region shaved bald. 20% like it natural, as in monster man bush, but 84% of women desire some hair. Remember that pube pruning is a personal preference, whether freeform amoeba, natural, or racing stripe.
  2. Stomach & chest. Shaving your stomach is okay if you’re lean with under 15% body fat. Most men with stomach hair look more aesthetic if groomed super short. With body fat over 15%, leave some hair. For chest hair, trim it short, but leave some because shaving a soft, doughy body will reflect light, making you look softer and dirtier. If you’re lean and remove the hair, you will look leaner and more muscular.
  3. Head. A cool hairstyle can balance your face. If you’re losing or want to regain your natural hair, it’s time to see Bosley. Their counselors are fantastic; they’ve been in the hair loss business for over 45 years, and they have a solution for any stage of hair loss. If you’re experiencing hair loss, you can use glasses to help bring your eyes down and focus on the center of your face. Next, do not shave off sideburns or shave them too high or straight across. Leave your sideburns to frame your face and finish your hairstyle by shaving them at a slight angle about the middle of the ear. This will help to strengthen your jaw because it follows your jawline.
  4. Face. When executed correctly, facial hair is the best thing you can do to boost your sex appeal and attraction level. Facial hair is the equivalent of makeup for women. A beard can help strengthen a weak jaw and bring interest and dimension to a man’s face. If your beard is patchy, let your facial hair grow for 30 days, analyze which areas are patchy, and then modify your hair accordingly. Many facial hairstyles do not require a full, thick beard. Another area that needs hair is underneath your chin. Do not remove the hair under your jaw when edging and shaving because it will make your jaw look weak, fat, and doughy. Check out my demonstration.
  5. Armpits. Armpits look better with hair, but don’t have it super long or unmanaged. Nicely trim your pit hair to be more aesthetic. If you want to shave it, that’s a personal preference, but it looks better with hair.
  6. Legs. I shave my legs, which I have done for a long time because I’m a bodybuilder. I like to work out, and I want to see the definition. I also have a tan. When skin is pasty white and hair is removed, the skin will look even more pasty white and awkward. Hair softens white skin, so I recommend not removing much body hair if you don’t have a tan. If you have super long leg hair, you can take it shorter, but make sure you’ve got a tan or are muscular. The downside to removing or shaving your leg hair is that your legs will look smaller. Conversely, removing the hair is totally acceptable if you work out and want to see definition.
  7. Arms. Arms look better without hair because the man’s forearm is one of the sexiest body parts. Removing the hair will make your forearm look more defined and vascular. If you have a ton of arm hair, your arms will not show vascularity or leanness.
  8. Butt cheeks. I remove the hair entirely because my cheeks get fuzzy, which looks weird. Word to the wise, do not use a razor to shave your butt cheeks because you’ll realize the mistake when it grows back.

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