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As men, we are dirty filthy creatures, gentlemen. SAVAGES! In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM AaronMarino Pete & Pedro Tiege Hanley ENEMY is helping you get clean as some dudes are doing it all wrong. We think we’re safe and clean when actually we are not.

Dumbass Daily {Cleanliness} Mistakes

1. Washing your hands — soap + wash from wrists to fingertips + scrub at least 20 seconds + rinse.

2. Cleaning & disinfecting your phone — alcohol + empty spray bottle + microfiber cloth. If you’re using the 91% like Alpha, dilute 1/3 with water.

3. Toothbrush — switch from a manual toothbrush to a Brio’s Smart Clean Premium Sonic toothbrush with 3 head options, 2-minute timer, zone reminders, 90-day money back guarantee.

4. Computer, laptop, tablet — use same solution as with your phone.

5. Steering wheel — don’t use alcohol on leather as it will age and crack the leather. Alpha uses interior cleaning wipes instead. Also clean the gear shift, radio, and other frequently touched places.

6. Toilet — clean up your dribble after you pee.