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BY Debbie Probst March 6, 2017


Top 10 Men's Grooming {Fails} and Manscaping Mistakes

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In this video? Stupid sh!t Alpha’s done with a razor! However, with the pain, itching, and razor injuries came enlightenment. Alpha is now the Yoda of manscaping. In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro is helping you not make the same grooming mistake he made.

Alpha’s Grooming & Manscaping FAILS!

  1. Shaving all pubes with a razor – smooth went to itchy, red, and bumpy! He realized that as the hair grew it was below the skin’s surface and couldn’t pop out. He now uses a grooming tool.
  2. Trimming or edging your beard too high on your jaw –  when you open your jaw you don’t want to see skin (too high)
  3. Shaving the widow’s peak
  4. Shaving the unibrow
  5. Shaving testicles with dull razor – no excuse for old razors! Dollar Shave Club changed the razor game where they send high quality blades to your house for a few bucks a month. They even offer free shipping. Warning! Your girlfriend or wife may take yours. They are that good!
  6. Shaving your butt crack – Alpha’s always known he’s had a super hairy butt crack. He tried to shave it – and it was a disaster! Discomfort when it started growing back! Don’t shave your ass crack with a razor.
  7. *Secret Bonus Tip* Not Included: Don’t Shave Your Butt Cheeks
  8. Using clippers on armpits – it bites then stings when you put on your deodorant
  9. Dry shaving ANYTHING
  10. Dudes that have their arms but don’t shave their hands too – the fuzzy driving glove look is a fail.
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