TOP 10 Jewelry Buying Do’s & DON’Ts | Rules ALL Men Should Follow

December 6, 2023
Today, I am excited to discuss one of my favorite accessories, jewelry. I will review different jewelry options for men and some dos and don’ts of wearing jewelry. I also want to cover how to buy jewelry to make sure you’re always looking fresh because there is a razor-thin line between looking sexy & stylish and looking like a dorky dad who’s trying to look 20 years younger.

As a general rule, subtle and subdued jewelry is better. If you want to show off a little flash and bling it up, you can, but understand that you must ensure the entire package matches. Don’t look like a math teacher and then have some big blinged-out cross around your neck. That will look silly. Jewelry is fantastic if you rock it properly. You have to make sure your aesthetic works and matches and find items that resonate with you. Invest in higher quality items such as a nicer watch or ring.

Look your best when accessorizing with jewelry

  1. Don’t overdo it. You can always go right with a watch, but never wear an Apple watch. Watches come in a variety of price levels, so don’t overpay. Only buy something within your budget. Work toward that goal if you aspire for a Rolex or comparable piece. But also understand there are excellent options at lower prices that you will love rather than spending thousands.
  2. Have a story. Wearing jewelry with a story and a meaning behind it, whether it’s an heirloom, custom piece, or a piece you dreamed of, makes it more special.
  3. Don’t wear cheap. Opt for higher-quality jewelry, as lower-priced jewelry is usually plated in gold, which the plating will rub off. Platinum or sterling silver will maintain its luster and look better over time. Sure, they may get a bit of scratching or patina, but you will wear it proudly.
  4. Only four metal choices. Do not wear metal other than gold, silver, platinum, or stainless steel. Anything plated, wood, rubber, leather, or plastic will not hold up and not look that great. Shells, leather, straps, and beads will look more youthful and cheaper.
  5. Match metals. I personally believe in matching metals. All of my pieces are rose gold. However, I have one caveat. Two-tone watches are gorgeous and a way to work the system. For instance, if you wear a gold wedding band, wearing a two-tone watch would allow you to wear silver on the other hand.
  6. Invest time & thought. Invest time, energy, and thought into your jewelry and accessories. This means they will mean a lot more to you and last longer.
  7. The number matters. (a) One ring on each hand. Wearing one ring on each hand is ideal. As far as what finger is appropriate, the ring finger is fantastic. Index fingers are fine, and thumb rings can work. Even a pink can sometimes look amazing. But, in my opinion, go with the standard ring finger. (b) Minimal bracelets are best. A simple, single bracelet or cuff looks incredible. What doesn’t look incredible is a bunch of bracelets, which can also scratch your watch. I suggest wearing a watch on one wrist and a bracelet on the other.
  8. Clean & classic necklaces. Wearing one, possibly two chains, is optimal; if you want to wear something simple, clean, and classic, that’s the best. Blingy and more prominent necklaces are gaudy and audacious. There’s definitely a line that you’re crossing.
  9. To rock earrings or not? If you’re going to rock earrings, rock them. But take them out if you’re going into a business meeting or asking for money. Earrings have a negative connotation, and often, people form opinions of men with earrings, just like visible tattoos.
  10. Clothing accessories need to match. Bars, cufflinks, and other clothing accessories must match, as you can overdo it if you wear too many. You should avoid wearing a tie bar and a tie clip, lapel pin, and cufflinks altogether, as you will look overboard. Choose either a tie bar or a tie clip. I also recommend investing in a great (not cheap or ostentatious) pair of cufflinks. Again, less is more. Every guy should have a French cuff or a cuff that allows you to wear cufflinks because it’s a more elevated aesthetic and looks great.

Incredible jewelry resource

An incredible resource for jewelry that I have talked about before is It’s the only place where I buy my wife’s diamond jewelry because they have a superior product for a fantastic price. The holidays are right around the corner, and has a vast selection of classics, ranging from diamond stud earrings to tennis bracelets to necklaces. And you can shop based on your budget and type of diamond. also has a men’s collection of rings, chains, pendants, and other high-quality jewelry. It’s better to invest in one or two signature pieces that are high quality that you will love, and that will last for years as opposed to buying a ton of crap that you will never wear. Plus, offers a lifetime warranty.

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