10 MINOR Style Mistakes That Are a MAJOR Problem

October 22, 2023
Some minor style mistakes will majorly mess up your look. I’m going to teach you and demonstrate how to fix style destroyers.
  1. Muffin top. You look smooth and sexy, but you end up looking like a can of biscuits that’s just exploded from your pants. The only solution is a tailored shirt. Stop messing around with tucking your shirt into your underwear or shirt stays. Simply buy a tailored shirt. You’ll still have minor popping that happens, but you won’t have tons of extra fabric exploding around your midsection.
  2. Sloppy sleeve rolls. The solution is taking your sleeve all the way down and then bringing it up to where your arm bends. Take your hand underneath the sleeve and move it around so that you’re tucking the sleeve. Check out the demonstration in the video.
  3. Jacked up gig lines. The gig line is the line from your placket down to your fly. To look your best, make sure it’s clean and aligned. That seam should go straight down and in line perfectly with your fly.
  4. Basic & boring polo. You want to look like James Bond in your polo, so your collar must stand up and tight. It can’t be laying down and quitting on you. Also, the sleeves should not be too high or too long. Most of the polos found in stores have a casual fabric that is impossible to combine and blend with more dressy aesthetics. But check out my option from Collars & Co., which solves the basic boring polo problem with a rigid collar, perfect sleeves, and buttery soft fabric. You can wear them by themselves or layered. You can also wear them casual, business casual, or dressed up. Use code ALPHAM  for a special limited-time discount on your Collars & Co. order!
  5. Tech watches. Any type of tech watch, like an Apple watch, is not stylish.
  6. Dirty white sneakers. Make sure your shoes stay white by using a Magic Eraser. Also, a gum sole is a great option for guys not responsible for cleaning their shoes. Speaking of dirty, worn-out shoelaces are a style destroyer. These shoelaces include sneakers, lace-up brogues, and dress shoes. You must ensure that your laces look perfectly clean and replace them at least once a year. Sometimes, you may have to do it twice.
  7. Boat shoes. They are not old-money aesthetic; they are old-school stupid. They make men look unstylish and like a little boy. Mature adult men that are stylish, you’re not wearing boat shoes.
  8. Stringless hoodies. If the hoodie once had a string, it must be there. If not, the outfit looks wack. If you wash it and the string falls out, there’s an easy solution by grabbing a straw and simply sticking the hoodie string inside the straw. And get a bit of Scotch tape, wrap it around the end so it stays, and then thread the straw through the hoodie. Another tip is to tie the strings in a knot before washing and then untie after washing. Make sure to do it as soon as possible so you’re not left with a crimped string.
  9. Inside sunglasses. Wearing sunglasses inside will kill your image and make you look like a douche.
  10. Pants. Make sure you wear your pants pulled up, even if it means you must wear a belt. Also, do not wear denim that is skin-tight. Reciprocally, do not wear baggy and loose jeans. Wearing pants that are too long will make you look bad as well. Take your pants to the tailor to make sure your pants fit properly.

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