Aaron Marino of alpha m. takes his friend, Steve (S-Money), men’s suit shopping for a wedding. Steve is wearing his custom made (Modern Tailor) shirt and the shoes for the wedding (black cap toe) during the shopping trip. The importance of wearing the shoes is to evaluate the pant length.

The shopping trip illustrates the benefits of suit separates and gray suits, as well as how to select the suit. Suit separates are cost effective and are synthetic that feel luxurious and lush. You also get a benefit of sizing differences. Steve is measured as a 46 long, however, Aaron is opting for a size smaller to minimize alterations. The size smaller is a much better fit; however, the sleeves do need to come up a bit. Pant should have a single break and land right above the heel. The suit looks great with a double vent that’s more stylish and European inspired. Originally $550, Steve got it for $280. Cha-ching!