TOP 10 Men’s Summer Style DON’Ts

July 27, 2023
I attended a wedding last weekend with my wife and was excited because I got to wear my summer weight suit. It’s a linen blend, and I rocked it with my Collars & Co polo. I was comfortable, smooth, and sexy. 

So, as I was sitting there, I noticed most of the guys were sweating their asses off, wearing dark-colored heavy suits with regular button-downs underneath. They were miserable. So I decided to do a video about some men’s summer style don’ts. These are some basic (and uncomfortable) mistakes that many men make. 

Warm & hot weather style mistakes guys make

  1. Dressing in the wrong suit. Some suits are created for winter, while others are designed for cooler months. The summer suits are lighter-weight with more playful colors. Select a fabric that is not 100% linen, as it will wrinkle like crazy. Combine it with wool for a super perfect summer suit. Also, summer is ideal for wearing bright blues, tans, and khakis. I really like gray, which is also a perfect option.
  2. Not sporting the right polo. Obviously, you will not wear a tie with a polo. But if you’re wearing the appropriate polo, you can take off your jacket or not wear one. My Collars and Co. polo is the perfect aesthetic for an elevated look. Also, do not wear a little boy polo or a polo that is striped horizontally, as it makes men appear short and fat. Opt for a cleaner look.
  3. Wearing dark jeans. Go for lighter colors, lighter weights, and lighter washes. Jeans that have a stretch will feel like sweatpants. Summertime is perfect for wearing a lightweight cotton chino instead of jeans. They’re crazy, comfortable, and work amazingly. They come in a variety of options. To make your pants look fresh and stylish, cuff them to expose your ankle. 
  4. Going for running shoes. Wearing running shoes with anything other than athletic wear looks stupid and like a dorky dad. Everyone needs a pair of lightweight, minimal white, black, brown, or tan sneakers. They are the perfect option that will pair with pretty much everything. You could also opt for retro-inspired sneakers. Slides and flip-flops, including Birkenstocks or Crocs, are only appropriate if your toes aren’t funky and nasty.
  5. Choosing socks with shoes. Wear no socks or no-show socks with your loafers, driving moccasins, or sneakers in the summer.
  6. Opting for big and baggy T-shirts. If you’re rocking a T-shirt, make sure it fits. You want to look as good as possible. Aesthetically, ensure it’s not too tight in the body, the sleeves are not too long, and expose your tricep. Remember that pockets are more casual, and v-necks make your face look more angular with white or shoulders. You can dress up a v-neck by tucking it into a pair of lightweight pants or jeans; you could also wear it underneath a suit or sports coat.
  7. Selecting long shorts. A lot of guys wear the wrong fit of shorts. It’s all about the length. You must have at least an inch or two above your knees. The inseam depends upon your height. If you’re shorter, dude, wear a shorter inseam. Also, choose slimmer-fit shorts. You don’t want to wear anything too baggy, or your calves will look tiny. And pleats will make you look heavier. Choose lightweight, breathable, and stretchy fabric for your shorts. Remember that elastic waistbands are tougher to dress up than a button and fly with belt loops. Check out my outfit combinations.

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