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Brio Beardscape
Who Makes The BEST Beard Grooming Tool? Norelco vs Brio
When it comes to trends, some suck big, hairy, unmanscaped monster nuts! In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, Pete & PedroOllie, and ENEMY is discussing these men’s trends that women hate. A magazine article inspired this video — socks + sandals, leather pants, Ugg boots, and giant crystal earrings are some of the trends. Here are some more which you should take note …

Stop It! She Loathes That!

  1. Skinny jeans and crazy distressed denim — women want you to wear jeans that are not too tight but not too big-and-baggy, slim fit but not super skinny, and mildly distressed but not destroyed.
  2. Oversized tees or super deep v-necks — you will look super skinny (aka tiny) and super douchy! Rock a tee that fits you without being too deep.
  3. Man buns — to rock a man bun, you need to be the right dude. And keep in mind, pre man buns look ridiculous.
  4. Wallet chain — some dudes can pull it off and look like a badass. But a wallet chain may not indicate a dude that she’s willing to take home to meet Dad.
  5. Fleece — have a lint roller on-hand if you wear one! She would rather have you wear a bomber jacket.
  6. Disheveled beards — women love facial hair but keep it groomed.
  7. Ill fitting suit — a $200 tailored suit is better than an expensive big and baggy suit.
  8. Frequently wearing tank tops — they think you’re showing off. Instead wear a shirt with sleeves that are higher.
  9. Gauges — if you go too big, you’ll have floppy butt-holes in your ears.
  10. Floppy beanies — it’s sloppy looking, and you look like a Smurf.

Facial Hair Women {LOVE}!

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