12 Mistakes That Make You UGLY… Even if You’re “Good Looking” Now!

July 2, 2024
Even if you have abs of steel, chiseled bone structure, and a handsome face, if you do what I am about to talk about, you will be perceived as an ugly person. Attractiveness has two components. Physical components are one, and a lot of men are destroying their looks slowly. The other component is things that you say or do that instantly make others view you as an ugly person.

These INSTANTLY make you ugly regardless of how you look

  1. Smoking. Whether it’s smoking cigarettes or otherwise, you will be ruining your looks. Smoking is one of the worst things that you can do to your complexion, as it will prematurely age your skin and make you look older than you are. Your teeth will get stained, and you’ll have bad breath.
  2. Being lazy. Being lazy will wreak havoc in different ways. Whether not grooming or not being motivated to grab life by the balls, you can destroy your looks. Make sure you take care of all the hair on your body. Make sure you take care of body odor as well. Bad breath should also be handled.
  3. Being needy. Nobody wants to be around somebody who acts desperate. Be respectable and a stand-up man.
  4. Always whining. If you’re constantly upset and bitching, this is not attractive. Men who are assholes, chauvinists, or put others down are ugly also.
  5. Not working out. Other people will not respect you because you look sloppy and weak.
  6. Not eating healthfully. What you eat sets you apart from other people. Processed foods will wreak havoc on your body and cause you to gain body fat. Man-boobs and love handles are not attractive. Your wiener will also get smaller because of crap food and gaining a fat pad down by Big Al.
  7. Being obsessed with your dick. Always touching your junk, looking online, or trying to get as much action as possible is not attractive. People do not respect others with a lack of sexual discipline.
  8. Not taking care of your skin. You need a solid skincare routine. Tiege Hanley has the most impressive products on the market, and you will notice a difference quickly when you start using them. You can get all the core products from Tiege Hanley, which include a wash, moisturizer, PM moisturizer, and exfoliating scrub.
  9. Not getting enough sleep. You need sleep so your body will heal itself and maximize attractiveness. You can also gain weight from not getting enough sleep.
  10. Neglecting oral hygiene. Your smile lets the world know that you’re friendly and engaging. If you have discolored teeth or if you’re missing teeth, do something about it. If you can’t afford veneers, at least whiten what you have. Have the best smile possible.
  11. Not drinking enough water. Drink a gallon of water a day for bright and fresh skin and to flush out subcutaneous water that you’re retaining in your face. Your face will look more angular and chiseled, and your body will look better. I had lemon to mine because it acts like a natural diuretic.
  12. Having a style that sucks. So what constitutes a style that sucks? Your clothing doesn’t fit properly, is worn out, or too flashy. Good style equals better looking; however, society gives pretty people a pass when the truth is there are a lot of physically beautiful people who are horrible on the inside.

Traits and characteristics of truly ugly people

  • Arrogant. Men who think their sh^t doesn’t stink or think they are better than other people are ugly!
  • Puts others down. If a man is mean or mean-spirited, talks nasty about other people, or is two-faced or a liar, he’s an ugly person.
  • Liar and cheat. If you lie, cheat, steal, or try to take advantage of others, you’re an ugly person.
  • Negative and pessimist. These are ugly traits.
  • Entitled. Nothing makes you uglier than thinking people owe you something.
  • Hypocrite. If you say one thing and do another, this automatically makes you ugly.
  • Lacking character. If you don’t have integrity, you’re ugly. You need to treat people with respect and dignity.
  • Narcissist. If you’re only worried about yourself, you’re ugly. If you’re not helping other people, you’re ugly because you’re not trying to help make this world a better place.

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