Wearing this with confidence takes a man’s man

May 6, 2023

Something’s happened in the last couple of years. Honestly, I would have laughed at you if you said that standalone mustaches were coming back in style, considered sexy and hot. But they’re here. I’ve always considered standalone mustaches for porn stars and creepy bus drivers. I also would never have thought the mullet would have been back in style either. But lo and behold, currently, mullets and mustaches are apparently a double combo.

To wear a mustache with confidence takes a man’s man — a certain je ne sais quoi. I’m not referring to a mustache that is part of another facial hairstyle, like a goatee or beard. I’m talking about the real deal– a stand-alone mustache. Throughout history, the mustache has been a staple of respectable men’s facial hair fashion.

Many of you might think of your father or a distinguished professor when thinking of men with mustaches. For me, I always think of a porn star or a teenage boy that worked in shop class on his muscle car. But let’s think iconic: Burt Reynolds, Clark Gable, Theodore Roosevelt, Albert Einstein, Mark Twain, Nikola Tesla, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr, Freddie Mercury, Friedrich Nietzsche, Tom Selleck, Mark Spitz, Daley Thompson, Cliff Thorburn, Chris Hadfield … the list goes on. So, I say if it’s good enough for Cary Grant it might just work for you.

All mustaches have this in common. Whether the Handlebar, the Horseshoe, the Pencil, the Toothbrush, and of course, the Fu Manchu, all of these glorious mustache variations have something in common. They all started the same way. Let me explain.

A time arrives in every guy’s prepubescent life when he sprouts slightly-dark peach fuzz. Generally, it starts right there in the corners, but what happens next is legendary. It starts heading across his lip towards each other like two speeding, studly locomotives until bang, they meet, and then his lip is covered! And it’s not actually black …not even really dark …but just sort of like tinted peach fuzz.

At this precise moment, every young man contemplates the same thing, “Mm-hmm, I think I’m gonna let this bad boy grow in. Look out, ladies, because little Jimmy’s bringing the heat!” So he shaves the rest of his hairless face for about four weeks and rocks his teen ‘stache.

At some point, some dude who failed a few grades transfers to his school, and then he realizes that he looks ridiculous standing next to somebody with the ‘real deal’, thus ending his stint with the ‘stache. Then for the rest of his life, he contemplates, “Should I grow a mustache back?” But he doesn’t. The reason is fear of ridicule or looking creepy.

So, let’s talk about growing a mustache that’s NOT creepy. The creepiness all depends on the individual face and the type of mustache. Some guys can pull off a Handlebar, while some definitely can’t. I’d say people don’t consider mustaches creepy unless the mustache is very large, unsightly, or a weird cut (aka Hitler).

According to the Shaving Club, 53.5% of women view mustaches as the quickest and simplest way to create quick sex appeal, and half of these women love how mustaches give off a ‘charming vibe.’ The rest of those women consider mustaches as a ‘sign of classy sophistication’ for men.

Here’s how to grow and maintain a proper mustache — cool, not creepy. First, realize your limits and then select the style that will look best on you. Google is a perfect tool for this step. Make sure the style you’re selecting is not out-of-date (aka Tom Selleck). Select a more modern style. Also, pick an easy option to start, practice, then move on to more complicated styles.

Next, your tools are your best friend. For mustache maintenance, you need a trimmer with interchangeable heads to enable you to detail and customize. You’ll also need a good pair of beard scissors and some beard oil.

I’m always asked about dying facial hair. As you’ve probably noticed, I am going with the flow with my gray hair. But if you want to dye your facial hair (aka mustache), have at it. One tip I have is to get a color lighter than you expect.

Another critical point is not to neglect the rest of your face, so make sure to use proper shaving techniques to avoid razor burns, bumps, and ingrown hairs. Use a mirror, start with moist heat, brush your whiskers off your face, and never shave dry are some tips before you start shaving your face.

Very important! Never use a dull blade, shave the direction your hair grows, and wash your face with cold water when you’re done to close your pores. Finally, ensure you exfoliate your face twice a week, which will lessen the chances of ingrown hairs.

Last but certainly not least, make sure you groom your ‘stashe to avoid looking creepy. Trim and style it with oil or wax. My company Pete & Pedro has a variety of facial hair styling products & tool options.

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